No Ordinary Family

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Cross Your Heart. Hope to Die. Stick a Needle in Your Eye.

Stephanie: I've zooped up, down and all around. There's no sign of JJ anywhere.

Jim: Daphne wants to call the cops, but if this is the same guy who offed Dick, the cops will just be in danger.

George: Hey, I just ran a search on Professor Dick's phone. His last call was to Dr. RevCam King.

At Global Tech...

Jim: I grab King, ready to throttle him, not realizing he looks like death, and honestly, not caring either, I just want my kid back.

King: Cough. Hack. Cough. Give me some seekrit serum and I'll do whatever you ask. Don't? And I'm gonna die.

Meanwhile, at Katie's...

Charlotte-Joshua: You're pregnant so that makes everything between us all better, right?

George: Are you kidding me? I'm getting cock blocked by a shape-shifter who has shifted in the shape of a murderous fiend.

Katie: I'm sorry, George, but given how you feel about Jim, it could never work between us.

At Global Tech...

King: Thank you for shooting me up, Daphne. I created this serum to save my life. When I learned that you and your family had perma-powers, I thought if I could replicate the perma-bit, I could stave off death forever.

Death: Bitch, please.

Xena: I know, right?

Recapper: Heh. But shoo, you two aren't in this scene.

Jim: Besides, I have to get all stompy-footed and find out what King has done with our son. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO OUR SON?

King: I've been protecting him. It's Xena, Evil Incorporated's CEO. She has taken him. She's behind Professor Dick's death, too. She too wants perma-powers, but for the wrong reasons. I gave my word. I'll help you find your son.

Meanwhile at someplace Xena-y...

JJ: Games. Neat. I mean, what is this place?

Xena: Watch me play good cop and bad cop all at the same time.

JJ: Excuse me. I'm thinking of baseball stats right now.

Xena: Oh you boys are all the same. Listen up, pipsqueak, I want the formula for perma-powers and I want it now, so even though I've built this room in order to tempt you into helping me, instead, I'm going to throw you in a cell with Joshua.

Contrivance Fairy: You're welcome.

Meanwhile at Katie's new place...

Katie: smoooooooooooooTchie smooch smooch.

Charlotte-Joshua: sssssssssssmmmmmmooooooooottttttttchhhhhhhhh. I'll be right back. I just have to step outside and morph back into my own skin, in broad daylight, right outside your door, where anyone, including you, could surely see.

Katie: And yet I won't, because the script won't let me.

Contrivance Fairy: I never expected such a huge role in the finale. What can I say? I'm thrilled and a little embarrassed.

Recapper: Oh honey, you've earned it.

Joshua: I'm gonna sum up some stuff because you're behind again. So JJ and I gab, like you do with the brother of the girl whose mind you've wiped, and get on the subject of power permanence. I mention that, back in Brazil on that fateful day, I loaded up their plane with trilsettum, shortly before they took off.

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No Ordinary Family




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