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Oh, Brother
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Before we begin, I just want to tell you, gentle readers, that every week I expect to hear ABC has finally cancelled this show, or TWoP has put it on permanent hiatus. But nothing ever happens. I'm starting to wonder if the series itself is juiced up on Dr. King's gooey green serum. Talk about invulnerability! Anyhow my point, and I do have one, is that I want to thank you for reading these little exercises in insanity, and for writing to me. You keep me going. Your e-mails, Tweets and comments in the forum have turned what was becoming a chore into something fun. That's what TWoP is at it's most fun -- that feeling of "OMG, this show is so [whatever]. I can't stop watching it. Come sit next to me so we can mock the hell out of it when it's bad, and ourselves when it's good." Thanks for making it worthwhile. Now let's get to it, shall we?

Stephanie: I'll start, because your recapper got knocked off schedule by the huge Nor'easter that hit her, yesterday, and we need to do this quickly.

Recapper: Thanks, Darla.

Stephanie: I can't be Darla today, Recapper. Too much ground to cover. Okay, so you remember how a couple of months ago, my parents came to visit? We're already recycling the visiting-family complication, but to give the writers credit, this time, we don't have to spend the episode hiding our newbilities. Jim's deadbeat brother Mike (Jason Wiles, Maurice on Third Watch) breaks into our house in the middle of the night. For a visit! Ugh, in-laws. AMIRITE people? Anyhow, he says he needs a few days away from his girlfriend. I figure he's just here to cost us money.

Recapper: I just want to add a disclaimer, here. My in-laws rock. You may return to whatever this is.

Katie: Okay, so you'll remember that last week, Joshua and I, well... you know. And afterwards, while I was sniffing his clothes (what? It's a thing!) Stephanie's journal fell out of his pockets -- the journal in which she's been documenting the newbilities. So now it's the morning after, and I'm sitting on a chair next to my bed, watching Joshua sleep. But am I holding a dagger like any self-respecting woman would, were she in my situation? No. I'm just sort of looking at him all schmoopy. And my behavior is pissing me off!

Joshua: Katie, you know I'm only doing this to you because the writers make me. So yeah, I wake up to find Katie hovering over me. She's got the journal. She wants answers. Now, mind you, she's probably been reading it all night. She probably nearly has it memorized, but I use my extreme telekineses to change the writing and make it my journal about how I'm falling in love with Katie.

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No Ordinary Family




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