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Oh, Brother

Later, During a Guys' Night Out...

Mike: Hey, Jim and George. I'm buying, tonight.

Jim: Yeah, yeah. Bro. [Aside, to George.] He never, ever buys. Get your wallet ready.

George: My wallet? He's your brother!

Jim: Hey, where'd Mikey go? Great, now I gotta find him. Up, up and away!

George: Son of a bitch!

Charlotte: Sawyer, is that you?

Recapper: Wrong show, girl. You can tell, because whatever its faults, Lost was interesting.

On the Roof of a Parking Garage...

Bad Guys: We are having the best time pummeling this guy!

Mike: Oof. Glad to be of service. Ouch. Yikes. Mommy!

Jim: Never fear, big brother is here. I will make quick work of these bad guys and save you, you little delinquent. But wait, now they're trying to run me over with their SUV. Luckily, I'm a super he....

The SUV plows straight into Jim and knocks him off the roof.


Mike: Jim? Jim? Oh Jim, don't be dead! Hey, why aren't the bad guys now coming after me again? This makes no sense.

Charlotte: This place is death.

Recapper: Wordy McSuck, Charlotte, but you're not in this scene.

Stephanie: This is taking too long. I'm taking the reins and speeding things up. Fear my ZOOP. Anyhow, Jim doesn't die from falling off the building, because he's Jim. When the guys get home, Jim tells Mike about his super powers. Mike thinks he's full of shit, but then I zoop into the room. Finally we 'fess up that we all have powers. Mike is such a loser, he's the last one we should tell, but I must say it's a relief not to have to pretend I'm not so frigging awesome.

The Next Day, at Global Tech...

Katie: So Charlotte from Lost is here, you guys! I'm so excited, at least until she tells me that Stephanie has been stabbing me in the back. Don't let her fool you, Recapper. She totally is Darla this week. You can tell because of her overabundance of SUCK!

Stephanie: Kill me now.

Meanwhile, at the Lair...

George: I am so against Mikey seeing the lair. This was supposed to be our special place, Jim.

Mike: Gotta run. My "accountant" is calling.

George: Accountant? Right. I'm doing a quick search on my computer. Jim, you know those thugs who beat up your brother last night? They work for Frank Matthews, loan shark.

Jim: You can find nameless, faceless thugs on a computer?

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No Ordinary Family




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