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Oh, Brother

Frank Matthews: You've got 24 hours to come up with the 150K, or your brother bites it.

Jim: Oh George, whatever shall we do?

George: Well, we are in a police station.

Jim: Don't be ridiculous. You can't involve cops in crimes. You taught me that.

George: I'm touched that you've been paying attention.

Later, at the Track...

Jim: JJ, gambling is bad, wrong, bad. Now let's win 150 thousand dollars.

JJ: I would be better off being raised by wolves. Man, I need someone to talk to. Where's Michael Oher?

Michael Oher: MY NAME IS KENNY!

Everyone: Whatever, Blind Side.


JJ: We've won a ton of money, so let it ride on one horse.

Jim: Okay, genius.

Horse: My leg. My leg.

JJ: Yeah, I saw that coming, too. It's the script -- the script, I tell you!

Jim: True dat.

Recapper: I know. Don't sweat it Actually, Jim I should tell you while I have you here, I was rather impressed with your performance this week. Good on you for giving it your all, even under these circumstances.

Jim: That's my real super-power.

JJ: Um guys, Uncle Mike is about to be dead Uncle Mike.

Jim: Right-o, son. Up, up and away.

At Frank Matthews'...

Jim: Don't kill my brother, kill me, instead.

Frank Matthews: As long as I get to kill someone, but I'm going to shoot you point blank.

Jim: But then that will really kill me, instead of fake killing me.

Mike: Hey, I know -- let's fight!

Jim: Oh yeah, I forgot about fighting. [Beats the heck out of everyone.]

Mike: [Also beats the heck out of everyone, even though he has no super powers.]

Mike: Hug time!

Jim: Up, up and a... wait. That's hardly appropriate here.

At the School...

Chris: Daphne, I'm really mad at you for saving my ass, on account of the fact that I was saving my brother's ass.

Daphne: Here I say something self-righteous, and instead of turning you off, it intrigues you.

Chris: [Is intrigued.]


Katie: I'm not taking the promotion. I'd much rather stay here and be used and abused by Stephanie.

Recapper: I'm really phoning it in this week, aren't I?

Katie: A little bit, but how can you continue, week after week?

Recapper: This is why you're still my favorite!

At the Powell Pad...

Jim: Mike, now that we've had Matthews and his minions arrested, I've got something for you. It's a financial reward from the D.A.'s office, or maybe the police. I disremember.

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No Ordinary Family




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