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Let Me Be Your Black Dude

JJ: [Wiping off chocolate milk mustache] And? She's a senior. And wicked hot.

Jim: Atta boy.

Katie: I'll right, I'm taking the reins now. So, at Global Tech, Stephanie is pretty sure that Joshua is detoxing from something, but she only confronts him about it when I'm out of the room. He freaks, refuses to have any tests and leaves the room. He tries to use his powers to open the locked down door out in the hall, but he's too weak, now. That's when we learn that Charlotte from Lost is a shapeshifter. We learn this, because she knocks me out and shifts into my very shape.

Joshua: But the moment she kisses me, I know she's not my Katie. Charlotte is trying to get me back on the stuff and back on Dr. King's team, but I refuse. In Katie's form, she also tries to trick Stephanie into administering some Trilsettum to him, giving her a really heavy guilt trip about how she'd do it to save her own family, just not Katie's man. She also learns about Stephanie's power. Eventually, Stephanie is confronted by both Katies at the same time. The real Katie finally wins Steph's confidence when she... when she...

Katie: Swoon. What a gentleman. I win Steph's trust when it's clear I'm embarrassed to admit I just did you-know-what for the first time, at age 28.

Charlotte: So, I knock out Stephanie and try to kill Katie.

Joshua: I'm still wandering the halls, and I'm really hurting now, but once I realize Katie's in trouble, I realize I only have one option. I pick up the syringe of seekrit serum that Charlotte wanted to administer to me earlier, and give it to myself. Then I rush in and throw Charlotte through an inner window and she's down for the count. By the time Steph comes to, Charlotte his disappeared.

Steph: Back at home, the whole family sits down to dinner together, just as I dictated this morning, but not one of us tells the truth about our days, which is really kind of sad and empty.

Recapper: Much like the feeling I have, whenever I think too hard about it. Thanks for all your help, everyone. I hope next week is better for all of us.

Cast: So say we all!

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