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Damn The Man
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Jim: Um... Where's the recapper?

Daphne: I'm not sure, but I can read her thoughts.

Jim: Any explanation for why she's know...recapping.

Daphne: Er...sorta. She's in a dark corner, rocking back and forth saying. "You can't. I won't. You can't. I won't." And there's this little...demon looking thing, menacing her.

Katie: A demon-looking thing? Describe, please.

Daphne: Hold on. It's hard to get a clear picture with all the rocking.... Okay, well, he kind of looks like a TV. A TV with horns and antenna. He's got a jagged sort of tail, and the tip is shaped like an arrow head.

Katie: Oh, that's just Tubey. He's the TWoP mascot, or evil overlord, or something. He's undoubtedly trying to make her write.

George: I've got a location on her. She's in her home office, just North of Boston.

Jim: I'll save her. Up, up, and AWAYYYYYY!

Recapper: Tubey, I just can't. Okay. The well is dry. I don't really care what you do to me. Heck, maybe if you torture me, I'll learn how to feel again.

Tubey: My plan is coming together perfectly, as my plans always do.

Jim: Thud. I'm here to save the day!

Recapper: Oh frak. That's a new roof, Jim.

Tubey: Muahahahahaha.

Jim: I don't get it. You need saving, don't you?

Recapper: Look Jim, I appreciate your help, although I'd appreciate it more if you were a roofer, but I was trying to hide from you guys.

Jim: But Daphne said this Tubey character was menacing you.

Recapper: He was menacing me with just this scenario. He decided to loom over me, until Daphne got a reading off me, assumed he was going to hurt me, and told you, at which point you'd come save the day.

Jim: You dastardly fiend!

Tubey: My work here, is done. I need a shot and a cigar. That was a hard two minutes of menacing.

Recapper: Don't light up one of those stink-bombs in this house or by God, I will take a Louisville Slugger to your

Tubey: Talk to the tail.

Jim: So, are we gonna get going on this or what?

Recapper: We are, Jim, but why don't you and the rest of the crew take the week off. I'm just gonna do this quick and dirty.

Jim: Great! Maybe I can finally get some alone time with my hot wife.

Recapper: I hope you do, Jim. And thanks for trying to save me, even if it didn't work out that well.

Jim: I'm sorry you don' us.

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No Ordinary Family




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