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Damn The Man

Tubey: *smirks*

Recapper: Get that stinky cigar out of my house or I'm pulling an Elvis, you little dickens.

Tubey: Some people are so touchy.

ANYHOW, both heroes and sidekicks determine that Lena's description matches the picture of a one Robert Gomez, who just happens to be the valet who got Lena her car at the end of her dinner with Steph. Stephanie gets to Gomez first in a parking garage, but of course he's not the perp, so he just thinks she's a crazy lady. When he gets in his car to drive away, Stephanie zoops into the passenger seat, grabs his keys out of the ignition and zoops out, and then locks him in his car, which isn't really possible. You can unlock automatic locks, manually. I want to stab my eyes out with Tubey's tail. Whatever. The arrest doesn't stick, because Gomez's alibi is airtight. He was working all night and a gajillion people saw him, which means Lena lied when she described her attacker.

As things devolve between Jim and Steph, Katie decides to visit George. She brings him a Smoothie and makes a big show of saying the two of them should keep things friendly, but meanwhile, she plants some sort of device near the lair's computer that will allow her to hack into it, remotely. So now, Katie will have access to any intel George receives.

Somewhere in there, Jim finds out that the Mist guy's name is Bob Seeley, but I'm calling him Steamer, because I can. Steamer has served time with quite a few of the super villains Jim has already apprehended. When he decides to go out and investigate, Stephanie decides to take a shower. Steamer takes this opportunity to mist himself through the shower head and into her bathroom and GAH I am fricking cringing because his steaminess was all over her naked body. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Stephanie: *zoop* I know, RIGHT?! And the writers didn't even really address that, so at first I'm thinking, well, he's just mist so it's not like it was really his body. But then later, when he's in mist form and choking me, it's apparent his mist has more physicality than mist ought to have and I...I...I feel so violated.

Recapper: Girl, zoop back home, snuggle up with Jim, and try to put it out of your mind. I've got this.

So anyhow, Steph screams and Jim comes rushing back. He grabs Steamer who turns to mist. You can't really fight mist even though mist can (as Steph mentioned) fight you, which makes no sense and UGH. The short of it is Steamer's memory has mostly been erased but he remembers Lena and some guy injecting him with something, and whatever it was has made him the Steamer he is today. Jim's going to take a description and sketch the mystery man, but then Steamer spies a picture of Dr. King on an ad for an award ceremony, says that's the guy, loses his shit, and floats away.

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No Ordinary Family




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