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At Global Tech, Steamer finds King and threatens him. King says he didn't harm Steamer; he helped him after he was paralyzed in a prison fight. Steamer is not swayed. He ends up knocking King out, but before he can hurt him further, Steph zoops in to the rescue. This is where Steamer's steam is able to pick up Steph and choke her and ugh, it's so bad. Jim arrives soon thereafter, on Steph's choked-out instruction, he blasts Steamer with some nitrogen, which makes Steamer revert to a solid, much like this story. It's not long before he turns to mist again and floats away. Jim and Steph take off before King regains consciousness, even though we all know there are cameras everywhere in this joint. I wish they had been written to be smarter about this. It just makes me sad.

Back at the Powell Pad, Jim and Steph try to figure out whether King is a good guy or a bad guy. The next day at Global Tech, Stephanie brings up Lena's name to see what he'll say about her. He claims he hasn't talked to her since she and Steph were grad students. Now, at the top of the hour, when Lena and Steph were leaving the restaurant, Lena brings up King and says they talk from time to time, so Steph knows he's lying, and that he's dirty. I totally missed that in the recaplet and I'm sorry.

At the reception, Steph has to give a speech in King's honor. She really lays it on thick, reading the text of a letter he sent to her years ago, about how everything they do is to help people and for truth, justice, the American way, puppies, Christmas, rainbows, and lollipops. Meanwhile, Charlotte from Lost (who they keep insisting is some chick named Victoria) catches and shoots both Lena and Steamer.

Now, even though the kids's stories were better, I'm not going to spend a lot of time on them. I think it's a defense mechanism. I want to keep liking something about this show, and the closer I examine things, the harder it is to maintain a positive outlook.

Chris drives Daphne home on his motorcycle and kisses her on the cheek. This freaks Jim out, even though the girl is at least a sophomore. He refuses to let Daphne go out on a date with Chris, because he's a senior and because he has a motorcycle. But let's face it -- it's mostly because he's a senior, because he doesn't propose they borrow his car, or take the bus, and he makes a big show about how senior boys are only after one thing. Then JJ comes in and announces he has a date with Bailey. Jim fist bumps him. He'll allow that, because JJ's only freshman. Right, because freshmen boys never, ever think of sex? Please. And while Stephanie is a little bugged by the double standard, she really doesn't take Daphne's part. She just lets it fuel her rivalry with Jim. It pisses me off. The Powell parents could at least tell Daphne that they want to get to know Chris before they let her go out with him. And I mean, the girl's a mind-reader. If he has bad intentions, she would know, right?

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