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Damn The Man

Daphne's understandably bitter that JJ gets to date a senior while she doesn't, so she tries to poison the well, telling him Bailey is probably just using him because S.A.T.s are coming up. And hey, it's a possibility. But to give big sister credit, when she talks to Bailey and realizes her interest in JJ is sincere, Daphne goes back to JJ and tells him that, too. In the course of the conversation though, she hears JJ think Natalie's name, rather than Bailey's, as he anticipates his date. He's just using Bailey to make Natalie feel bad. JJ yells that his brain is off limits, which...whatever.

JJ and Bailey end up parked at a Lover's Lane type place. He's showing her all the constellations, and they start to make out, but while they're kissing, his memories of Natalie float to the surface. JJ breaks the clinch and tells Bailey he can't be with her. Bailey is understandably pissed. I am understandably gaping in disbelief. He's 14 or 15. He may really like Natalie, but he is 14 or 15 and this gorgeous, popular senior girl with a car wants to make out with him. And he's single. Natalie dumped his ass. I don't buy that he would come to this conclusion so swiftly. Still, the story was otherwise well told.

Now, to back up, Bailey arrives to pick up JJ right around the time Chris arrives (with flowers!) to get Daphne. Daphne almost tells Chris she's not allowed to see him, but watching JJ go out with Bailey, with parental permission no less, pisses her off, so she goes on her date. I don't blame her.

Once Chris realizes Daphne lied to her dad (telling him she went to a friend's), they get in an argument, because Chris can see Jim's point. Daphne ends up storming off. When she is accosted by a gun-wielding mugger or possibly a rapist, Chris zooms to the rescue on his bike. But it's not Chris that scares off G-W MopaR. Daphne does -- accidentally. When she tells the guy to drop his gun and walk away, he obeys meekly, and Daphne realizes she has the power of mind control. This new newbility comes in handy when she gets home and Jim realizes she defied him and snuck out with Chris. He grounds her for two weeks, but Daphne gives him a mental push and he reduces her grounding to a "next time" warning. Is Daphne a mini-Joshua? I kind of hope she is.

Katie: Hey, what about me?

Recapper: What are you doing here? Go back to Metropolis. I'm almost done. You'll just slow me down.

Katie: Fine, sheesh. I was just trying to help.

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No Ordinary Family




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