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This Cotton Picking Show

Later, at the Powell Pad...

Stephanie: I'm all excited about our dinner with the Cottons, so I'm whipping through a dozen outfits, to find something to impress them.

Recapper: For a cookout?

Stephanie: I don't write the script, I just follow it. Anyhow, it's then that I notice my red notebook is missing -- you know, the one with all my observations about my family's powers.

Recapper: Yawn. Yeah. We already know who took that.

Elsewhere, at a Star Wars-themed Bar

Katie: This is the best place ever, and they have Star Wars drinks and I'm geeking out, but I'm also freaking out, because I think I should tell Joshua that I'm a virgin. I start to, but then I think better of it and shut my trap.

Recapper: Most surprising thing that happened all episode, Katie. Well played.

Another Day, at Casa Cotton...

JJ: So, we're having an okay time with these people, but seriously, this is awkward. The main point of the scene seems to be to the revelation that before Metropolis (which is apparently Pacific Bay), the Cottons also lived in Seattle and Boston.

Recapper: I'm from Boston! I don't know why that gets an exclamation point, but it does. Don't you guys think it's a little weird that their son happens to be JJ's age and their daughter happens to be Daphne's age?

Daphne: I know, right? And since the Cottons are brand new in town, dad suggests that JJ and I show them around school. I am not at all for that idea, but then he's all "Daphne Nicole Powell" yelling at me with his brain, so I agree that it's a great idea. I wish he could ready my thoughts right now.

The Next Day, At School

Daphne: While I'm showing Chloe around, pointing out the different cliques and what not, she gets the supreme displeasure of meeting head cheerleader, incumbent student council presidential candidate and chief beeyotch in charge -- Bailey Browning. Poor Chloe makes the mistake of snagging Bailey's table, and Bailey tries to bully her out of it, but Chloe will not be moved. I think I love this girl!

Chloe: Child, please. You west-coasters -- even your beeyotches -- are way too mellow to be intimidating. Boston bitches represent!

Recapper: YO!

JJ: C'mon. You want to get through this even more than we do. I'm taking the reins. In the hallways, I introduce Troy to my geek goddess, Natalie. And he's pretty impressed that such a hot chick is my chick until I explain she's really kinda sort of not. Ever since we kissed, she's been acting differently.

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No Ordinary Family




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