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Recapper: So when we last left Stephanie Powell, she was running back to the future. It seems the life-saving dose of trilsettum that Dr. RevCam King gave her at Jim's insistence has increased her powers exponentially. When she arrives at the Powell Pad, she finds it surrounded by cops and soldiers! She tries to ask someone what's going on, but everyone ignores her. Inside, Jim is rounding up the kids and trying to help them sneak to Katie's, where he says Stephanie will be waiting for them.

Stephanie: And I'm all like "Um, hello. Standing here. Right exactly here."

Recapper: Right, but as Jesse pointed out last week, there's no need to belabor this stuff. We're in the home fricking stretch, baby.

Stephanie: You know Cindy, we've become kind of good friends over the past few months, so it sort of stings that you're cheering for our demise.

Recapper: Aw, I'm sorry. I'm not cheering for your demise, or even for cancellation. Just for an end to this season. I hate to see people out of work. You and the rest of the cast will be okay, but I feel for the crew. I just -- the writing is on the wall, girl. If this show survives and is picked up for a second season, I'm going to assume Dr. King has had one of his super-villains take over ABC programming, for some nefarious purpose.

Stephanie: That. Right there. That's what I mean. This is my family we're talking about!

Recapper: Yeah, but you're fictional. You'll survive forever, unless your own writers kill you off, and I really can't see that happening. For now, I'm going to take a page out of your book and suggest we speed this up. You wanna take the reins?

Stephanie: I thought you'd never ask. Anyhow, as I'm trying to get Jim's attention, I backwards super-zoop through time and end up at home, in the present. When Jim asks what's wrong, I dissemble, which... can I just say how much that pisses me off? What a contrived, empty conflict. I would have totally told Jim what happened, right away. I mean, it involves him and our KIDS being under siege by the military. But no. I don't tell him. Soon, Jim leaves. Detective Frank Cordero is being transferred to another precinct, and there's a goodbye party for him.

Jim: At the party, Cordero is so great. Remember when he used to be an ass? Now he's just grateful and playful, even. He even compliments my unofficial "police" work. And you know how I crave validation like that. Anyhow, George and I get to talking, and I tell him I'm worried about Stephanie. She seems off, and she's had that trilsettum. I'm just uneasy.

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No Ordinary Family




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