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No Ordinary McFly

Daphne: Later, I fill JJ in on how I read Professor Dick's thoughts and how creepy those thoughts were. He thinks he's going to killed if JJ doesn't do the alleged Academic Decathlon equations for him.

Stephanie: I'm wigged, so when I overhear the kids' conversation, I tell JJ to stop doing the equations until I get to talk to Professor Dick.

Recapper: Wigged? That's a Buffy word.

Stephanie: What? I can't have layers?

Cordelia: This is my verse, hello!

Xander: And that is my verse, hello!

Recapper: Look at me. I'm dancing crazy, and my poor characters are trying to get through their penultimate recap. Can you all just shoo?

Buffy: Even me?

Recapper: Even you.

Buffy: You still my girl?

Recapper: Always.

George: Cordero's party is over, so Jim and I leave the bar with him. But just as he's getting into his car, he's shot by what appears to be gang bangers. I call an ambulance while Jim tries to help Frank. It's grisly.

Jim: The next morning at work, George tells me they've found the car involved in the shooting. When I ask if Frank made it, George can only shake his head. The detectives assigned to the case approach us and ask for any information or speculation we might have. Soon thereafter, Mrs. Cordero -- Marta -- comes in to thank me for all I did for him. While she's talking to me, she confides that a case Frank was working on freaked him out. And oh man, is this all as lackluster as it sounds in my head?

Recapper: At least. But what can we do?

Jim: You could rant.

Recapper: I don't have it in me, but perhaps I could breeze. What you need to know: the two detectives who talked to Jim and George are O'Bannon and Rizzo. It's O'Bannon who's dirty, but later, he'll convince Jim that Rizzo is dirty. And in an effort to cover his ass, O'Bannon is going to try to kill both Jim and George. Jim's fairly invulnerable, so O'Bannon thinks he's killed him when he so hasn't. But George? Not so much. O'Bannon tries to take him out at a public memorial for Cordero.

Jim: And it's really dumb. O'Bannon is in uniform, and he cocks his weapon and puts on the silencer as he's walking through a crowd, in front of a whole gaggle of uniformed cops. At a public memorial. Downtown. In broad daylight.

Stephanie: Yes, it's dumb. This incident though, is also the pivotal future moment in which our family will be outed as supers -- the pivotal moment that gets caught by a TV news camera, and draws the attention of the cops, Feds, and even the military, because Jim will attempt to save George, by flipping over a van in which some hitman is aiming at George. I think it's Rizzo, too. Is it Rizzo?

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No Ordinary Family




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