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[Editor: It is Rizzo.]

Katie: Hold up! I don't know if I have pregnancy brain or whatnot, but you people are going all out of order and really confusing me. I thought you said O'Bannon was going to take out George, by himself.

Recapper: The whole story is jumping back and forth in time. I was willing to tolerate the timey-wimey stuff when I was recapping Lost, but I'm so not doing it for an NOF weecap. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough giving of a shit by me.

Katie: Okay, let me summarize the future stuff. As Cindy and Stephanie already mentioned, the first time Stephanie super-zoops forward in time, she sees the Powell Pad surrounded by cops, soldiers and Feds. Another time she super-zoops forward, she is actually just trying to get to the school quickly to talk to Professor Dick about JJ and these increasingly unbelievable alleged Academic Decathlon assignments. But since she super-zoops, she ends up at the school, but in the future. She finds George wandering the halls. He finds the poor kids hiding out in a classroom, and is giving them some food and stuff, when the Feds come looking for them. So George lies that the kids aren't in the room. He nearly gets away with it when...

JJ: Allow me. I need to reclaim some of my self-respect. Daphne and I are hiding behind a lab bench. Now George is right at the classroom door, talking to the Feds. I'm a genius, right? And yet I reach up on the bench to get something I've left up there, right when the Feds are buying George's story. My hand bangs into a beaker or whatever. The Feds hear it and try to plow in. George has our backs, though, by letting the Feds have his back. He throws himself across the doorway and yells at us to run as he tries to block them from entering.

[Editor: Can I just add that Daphne and JJ are all dirty and grimy, like a pair of street urchins in Oliver who've been living in storm drains? It's almost comical.]

Stephanie: And it's then that I super-zoop back to the present, but on my way out of the classroom, I notice that the page-a-day calendar in the classroom indicates that I've just witnessed events on March 31. When I'm sucked back to Global Tech and the present, I confirm the present date is March 29th, which means my poor family will be going through this hell in two days. Is it in this scene that I touch a door? At some point I touch and open a door, and that pisses me off, too. Because okay, in the future, nobody can hear and see me, but I can move physical objects? And yet I don't try to touch Jim, the kids or the Agents who are trying to get to my kids? What is UP with that?

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No Ordinary Family




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