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Recapper: Honey, don't. It's not good for your health. Besides, I want to give the writers props for a minor detail, here.

Writers: Really? What?

Recapper: Well, I feel badly for you all. If this episode aired tomorrow like it was supposed to, it would have aired on March 29th. It stinks that you got that one little detail right, and then the network screwed it up by moving the show two days earlier, to a Saturday night. Maybe Dr. King has had one of his super-villains take over ABC scheduling.

Writers: We know, right?

Charlotte from Lost: Let's move forward, shall we? It's about now that I wake up in some secret corner of Global Tech. I'm not actually dead. And I am so having chocolate before dinner in celebration.

Xena: Not so fast, toots. You're only alive because of me. I can get rid of you just as easily, if you refuse to do my bidding.

Charlotte: Will there be nosebleeds involved? Because that really got to me after a while.

Xena: If I choose.

Charlotte: Anyhow, Xena knows about my past with Joshua, and claims he brought me/my corpse to her and asked her to bring me back from the dead or the brink. It's not really clear. I act like I believe her on the show, but now that it's just us -- is anyone else buying this?

Recapper: Not in the slightest.

Charlotte: Right. So, Xena wants me to use my shape-shiftiness to get intel on Katie and find out what she knows. What choice do I have, really?

Katie: Back at the lab, Stephanie and I talk about the time travel stuff, and I insist on doing some lab work on her, because she shouldn't keep doing this if it's adversely affecting her. And it seems to be. I try to get her to put the kibosh on it, but you know Stephanie.

George: Meanwhile, at the lair, Jim wants to handle Cordero's killers and I'm all like, "Nah, the cops got this." Talk about your out-of-character moments. Someone's robbing a dry cleaner? This is a job for a superhero. Cop assassination? I'm all like, "Whatever, dude. Chill."

Recapper: George, I share your frustration, but this is a waste of time. We've already spoiled the fact that it is a cop who is behind Cordero's death. I'll just note that you find out from your fellow ADA that Cordero had evidence he was going to deliver to Mr. ADA, personally, but that Cordero died before he could do so. Not long after that is when O'Bannon talks to Jim and says that Rizzo is a dirty cop, as we mentioned above. O'Bannon asks if they can meet so he can show Jim the evidence.

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No Ordinary Family




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