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Stephanie: My next trip to the future takes place at Global Tech. I see Agent Asshat harassing and then roughing up poor, pregnant Katie. When they arrest her, she starts having pelvic or abdominal pain and announces she's pregnant. And through it all, my girl never gives up me or my family. So, so proud of her.

Katie: Thanks, you.

Jim: After I meet up with O'Bannon and see his evidence, I head to the parking garage, where some gang bangers open fire on me. When they leave, that's when I figure O'Bannon set me up. Thank heaven I'm basically bullet-proof.

Stephanie: Meanwhile, in my last trip to the future, I learn that the big incident that kicked off the hunt for Powell People, happens downtown at 5:07 pm. So I have my super-genius boy do some calculations to figure out how fast I'd have to go for how long to reach town and observe "the event" in person.

JJ: As if we had the right variables available for me to figure that out. Man, this is painful.

Stephanie: So anyhow, I super-zoop downtown and see future George giving his speech. I see future Jim spot the van with the shooter in it, who is aiming right at future George. Future Jim throws it across the street. Future TV cameraman captures the whole thing. Film at 11. The world knows about our newbilities. We're hunted like prey. Blah.

Jim: Back at home in the present, Stephanie tells me what's going on. I can't get in touch with George to warn him, so I have to go try to save him, even though it's putting my whole family in danger, because I couldn't call anyone else or anything, right? UGH.

Daphne: Downtown, I talk to Chris about an argument that I will explain to you after all this. It's then that Dad gets there. He spots the sniper. Is that Rizzo? Are both he and O'Bannon in on that?

Recapper: I tried to avoid that question when your mother asked me, earlier, Daphne. Please don't make me watch again. This is a weecap, not a recap. Let's just pretend it is Rizzo.

[Editor: It is Rizzo.]

Daphne: Fair enough. So, Dad walks over, opens the van door and knocks Rizzo (or "Rizzo") out with a single punch. He then works his way through the crowd and asks me (over the phone) to read all the people's minds and find O'Bannon. O'Bannon is walking through the crowd, with his gun at the ready, silencer on, and no, not one cop notices. It is to so shamefully lame. Anyhow, I hear O'Bannon thinking he's going to shoot George, once George finishes his eulogy and walks by. Now in the present, Dad hasn't had to flip the van or do anything else that would put his powers on display, so it's then that I realize I am the one who has to save the day. I approach O'Bannon and with a little psychic push, I persuade him not to shoot George, but instead to hand his gun over to me. And it totally works. Go team me!

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No Ordinary Family




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