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Stephanie: Back at home, we make Daphne come clean about the thought pushing. Jim and I are upset that she was using it against us at home from time to time, but I'm so glad we've averted our own familial apocalypse that I don't come down on her too hard.

Jim: We do insist, though, that she use her pushing one more time to push Chris to forget that he knows their secret.

JJ: And I point out how often she's gotten out of doing the dishes.

Daphne: Yeah, you little fink. This so sucks. This has been a rough episode for Chris and me. First, we got in an argument, because I wouldn't push his boss to give him a raise. It felt too much like stealing. Yes, it felt too much like stealing, even though last week I pushed the Vice Principal into giving us walking-around money. I know, I know. Then my family suspected that Chris was the one who outed us. We had just made up when the attempt on George's life occurred. So anyhow, I seek out Chris at school. He apologizes some more for trying to manipulate me and my powers. I ask him if he remembers when he first suspected I had my newbilities, and then crying, I tell him I'm sorry and push him to forget everything since.

Lube Locks: HEY, MY NAME IS CHRIS. Fine, I'll "whatever" myself. I not only forget about the Powells' powers. I forget my whole relationship with Daphne. So when she tries to kiss me, post-push, I'm all, "Be gone, Freak the Flighty," and walk off leaving her there in tears.

Daphne: [SNIFF]

Lube Locks: Remember what I said, baby?

Daphne: I know. I know. Fan fic.

JJ: I come up to Daphne blathering that Professor Dick has disappeared, but when I realize what's happened, I give her a brotherly hug and let her cry on my shoulder.

Daphne: Which is really sweet, and I'm sorry about your dishpan hands, brother.

Recapper: Awwwwww. Well, I think we've gotten everything of note. There's no new episode tomorrow. The season (and let's face it, probably the series) finale airs April 5. I'll be back April 6th with the finale recaplet, I think. I mean, I can't super-zoop into the future or anything, but that's the plan. Until then, join us in the show thread, where we never mess with the space-time continuum.

Watch the episode below, discuss it in our forums, and see the ineffectual TV superheroes the Powells wish they were.

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No Ordinary Family




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