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No Ordinary Cylons

Buffy: Cindy's in trouble, vampbitch, and I help the hopeless, or possibly the helpless.

Angel: This is my verse, hello!

Darla and Buffy: ANGEL!

Recapper: Enough. Bring Stephanie back, now.

Buffy: Agreed. I hate that Darla chick. But um... how do we do it?

Angel: Beats me.

Willow: Oh for crying out loud. All you need to do is tweak the Algurian Body-Switching Spell, and you're good to go. Or she's good to go. She goes away, which is good. Right? It's easier if I just do it. Mumble mumble. Ta dah!

Recapper: Thanks, Will! Okay you three, go out into the kitchen and get yourself some milk and cookies. I'll join you when I'm done.

Angel: I've been waiting to eat warm, delicious cookies for quite a few years, now.

Buffy: Dirty!

Willow: I'll get them out of here. TTYL. Presto change-o, it's time to go.

Recapper: Those crazy kids. Where were we?

Stephanie: Where was I?

Recapper: You don't want to know. JJ, please continue.

JJ: So dad's at the lair when George gets home. He's talking ragtime.

George: Like tiger's blood and Adonis DNA?

JJ: Oh no, man. Not that bad. We'd get you to hospital if you were like that, no matter what it took. No, it's just that the case you declared "open and shut" this morning -- now you're saying you're going to drop it. And you're more interested in your date than in my dad, which is... normal for other people, but weird for you.

George: I'll say.

JJ: So you bring Six some roses when you pick her up for her date. But she sparklemones that she's got one little thing she needs you to do first. The next thing you know, you're holding up a pharmacy and stealing more cough syrup. And if this woman has this power, couldn't she have just used it to influence a male pharmacist to sell or give her however much she needs?

Recapper: Shhhh. Don't, JJ. I know that part is dumb, but I still like this episode. I mean, she's named Adler and she addles men's minds with her sparklemones. And Lucy Lawless is coming...

JJ: She's topless on Spartacus. And she...

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No Ordinary Family




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