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No Ordinary Cylons

Recapper: I love you, honey.

Stephanie: What is your major malfunction this week? Finish this thing.

Recapper: Sorry. Continue.

Stephanie: So, George, Six, Jim and I go out to celebrate George and Six's "Day-iversary." @_@. Jim and I do not like this girl, mostly because she's convinced George to order lobster, even though he's deathly allergic to shellfish. And that really makes no sense. I mean, she can have lobster, even if he can't. I found that part of the story embarrassing. At least, I found it embarrassing that once Six learns that George is deathly allergic, she doesn't have the wherewithal to pretend, in front of his friends, that she doesn't want him to die. It's like she's asking to get caught, except this isn't a story about her asking to get caught.

Recapper: I know. I mean, they had to find a way to tip you and Jim off that something was up, but there had to be a better way. That scene is one of the two reasons this episode didn't earn an A- grade.

Writers: We were going to get something in the A range?

Recapper: I know, right? But you were. I can't overstate how much I like this episode.

Stephanie: Honey, you really kind of already are. Let me finish now. So, George and Six leave, but then she comes back to our table, ostensibly to apologize, but really just to sparklemone all over my husband. One minute, he hates her; the next minute, he is smitten. And the next day, the son of a bitch shows up at Six's sex palace with a dozen red roses, and tells her he can't stop thinking about her. And then George shows up with white roses. The guys start to fight, but with Jim's super-strength it's over as soon as he throws George across the room and into a wall.

Six: So of course, I'm thrilled to have addled Jim. I ask him to bring me MRE kits, because I need the things that warm them up. Jim infiltrates a military base, gets shot at, deflects the bullets, bends a rifle and knocks out the guard, and gets the goods. He's a way better pawn than George.

George: If I could remember any of this, I don't know if I'd be relieved or insulted by that.

Stephanie: George, get away from her. And shut up, sparlkemoner! So anyhow, my husband gets home late. He won't tell me where he's been, ignores me to take a call (from Six, but he pretends it's George) and dashes out again.

Daphne: But I hear his thoughts and realize he's going over to Six's, so I tell mom.

[Editor: Did Six tell him to go home after stealing the heating units? Why not have him bring them over immediately? Oh, right, so that there'd be a way for Daphne to clue in Steph. ]

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No Ordinary Family




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