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No Ordinary Cylons

Stephanie: And while Six is getting Jim to plant a package up on a roof, I've just injected Jesse with the secret serum. George calls me. He can tell Jim is at the same place I am, which is...

Cindy: I don't know. I'm not sure. Call it whatever you want.

Stephanie: Anyhow, I zoop to where Six is with MY MAN. We argue. She wins. Jim jumps up to a roof top. I hiss at Six that true love is more powerful than this pheromone-based thrall, and then zoop up to the roof to save Jim. The son of a bitch blathers on about passion, and he's lucky I don't have super strength.

Jim: Honey, I'm sorry. I don't remember any of this (and wouldn't admit it if I did). I love you. Only you.

Stephanie: I know, but it still hurts. I love you too, honey. Anyhow, she takes his hand, and nice work by the D.P. here, because the shot evokes memories of the sculpture Jim made me for our anniversary.

JJ: That we in no way broke or glued back together.

Stephanie: WHAT?

Daphne: ~~~Mom and Dad, forget what JJ just said. JJ said nothing.~~~

Stephanie: JJ said nothing. I don't know why I just said that, but whatever. I do my best to reawaken Jim's true love for me and for our family, but he starts the timer on the bomb. With only 30 seconds on the clock, I kiss him and he comes back to me. I want to zoop out to the desert with the bomb, but Jim says it's too dangerous, so he throws the bomb up in the air -- and that's where it blows up, so we get fireworks, and I get my man back.

Jim: (And I get off scot free. Sometimes, I love that there are no consequences on this show!)

Six: There are for me. As I'm getting in my car, Xena shows up in her limo. She rolls down the window and I apologize for flubbing the job.

Xena: Right, and although I pretend to accept it and let Six go, I will never forget being boxed on BSG. When she gets in her car, the camera pans to the car's undercarriage, where there is a bomb (C4, I think). Six starts the car and boom! She's dead. So, if I have C4 at the ready, why did I need her to build a cough syrup/MRE bomb to blow up Global Tech or the medical facility or whatever, anyhow? Why couldn't I've just had her addle some guy to plant the C4, rather than calling all this attention to us with these stupid robberies of pharmacies and military bases? Nobody knows. And nobody cares.

Recapper: Damn, Xena. You catch on quick.

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No Ordinary Family




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