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No Ordinary Cylons

Daphne: That would suck. Save me, Xena!

Recapper: Aw, you kids are making me misty. I'll take the end of the episode. The next day, Steph goes to check on Jesse and the orderly tells her he's gone. He hopes he's back in prison on death row, from whence he came, because the guy is a cold-blooded murderer.

Stephanie: Dammit, Dr. King!

Dr. King: Muahahahahahahahahahaaa! I'm in my office with our little experiment now. He's grateful for his health, and for his super-power -- which is fricking claws that he can extend from his fists, at will!

Jesse: This is awesome! I want to know what I have to do for all this.

Dr. King: I tell him I will call on him when necessary.

Jesse: What could possibly go wrong? Besides everything. I mean, I know I'm a murderer, but this guy is a super-creep. That's his actual power -- super-creepiness.

Xena: Don't fret, young Jesse of Longjaw. As you exit Global Tech, I pull up in my long black limousine, call you by name, imply I know all about you, even your powers, and make you an offer you can't refuse, because I'm Xena. I have an opening, as an employee just had to be "terminated." I'm sure you'll have no trouble "clawing" your way to the top of my organization. Grrrrrrowwwwwllllll.

Jesse: She's hot. She knows everything about me, and she doesn't freak me out the way that King guy does, so when she tells me to hop in, I hop in. I mean she's freaking Xena!

Recapper: I know, right?

Darla: Xena, Xena, Xena. I am way more badass than Xena.

Recapper: Oh crap, I've gotta go before this all starts up again. Willow! Help!

Darla: Wait, I'll be good-ish. What were you saying about metaphor.

Recapper: I just really dug the metaphor in Stephanie and Jim's story -- that although lust can sway you, true love is ultimately more powerful (and more wonderful).

Darla: Oh crap, you've gone soft on me. I feel myself turning into...

Stephanie: ME!

Well, everybody, TiVo is telling me that next week, we're getting a rerun "No Ordinary Detention." In the meantime, please grade the episode up top, and come join the discussion down in our show thread. I'll see you soon.

Watch the episode below, discuss it in our forums, and see the ineffectual TV superheroes the Powells wish they were.

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No Ordinary Family




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