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'Quickie' Takes On A Whole New Meaning
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The Powell family's new super-powers are nothing if not wish-fulfillment. Now super-strong, Papa Jim used to feel impotent (not sexually, you pervs). Previously harried and hurried, Mama Stephanie has become super-fast. Learning disabled son JJ? He's turned into a super-genius. The Most Blessed Virgin Daughter, a.k.a. Our Maiden of the Hymen, a.k.a. Cherry Pie, a.k.a. Daphne the jealous and insecure -- has become telepathic. This week, since she barely whines and doesn't once mention her sexual status, I'll be good and call her by name, but fair warning, Show: I am not above breaking out the Virgin of Nuremberg, if you drive me to it. Anyhow, in the pilot, the powers were a boon to every Powell but Daphne, who learned her best friend and boyfriend were hooking up behind her back, and was otherwise tormented by all the non-stop thoughts of everyone around her. This week, her parents and brother join Daphne's struggle to adapt to their new-bilities. NOF maintains the quality introduced in the pilot, which is good, but it fails to build much upon it, which is not so good. But since this is only the second week, let's give NOF some time. I mean, what are we -- FOX? Now come on, let's get to it. Here we go. Up, up and awaaaay.

Jim Powell makes a rough jump landing atop one building, but thanks to his inability to feather it out, he skids like an out-of-control half-ton truck on black ice, and ends up on the roof of the next. Sidekick George tells him they have to work on that in the future, since George can't be filling in Jim-sized divots all over the city, which -- what? C'mon, don't make awesome George into a dummy, Show. Jim's er... skid marks were not one of the things pestering my mind. But now they are pestering my mind. Don't get me wrong. I'm not pestered by the fact that Jim's jumps have caused road damage that needs to be repaired. I live in New England, birthplace of the pothole. Oh no. I'm pestered by the fact that an A.D.A. can repair roads -- and stealthily, at that (and now, I'm also pestered by my overuse of pester). Anyhow, George is in the Lair With Wifi, directing George to the scene of the current crime-in-progress. The cops are still 3 minutes away, so Jim takes a flying leap and lands in alley near the target-bank, right smack-dab in front of the black get-away van. What's this? He's facing down the van. And? He's failing. SPLAT. Better luck next time, Jim. Our cartoon-flat superhero-in-training may not have been able to stop the getaway van, but he did get a good look at the suspect's face.

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No Ordinary Family




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