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'Quickie' Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Powell Pad: As Stephanie zooms around the kitchen, Daphne wears her earbuds to drown out the thoughts of everyone around her. Meanwhile, JJ is doing magical math homework. When Jim returns, Stephanie asks him for help opening the mayo, so of course he busts open the jar. Don't worry, Jim. I bet Stephanie can clean that up in a jiffy. At any rate, the Powells congratulate JJ on his A grade on a recent math test, which he explains by saying, "Something just clicked." Indeed. Once the kids leave for school, Jim notes that he can't remember the last time Stephanie wasn't the first one out the door in the morning. She doesn't take this as criticism, but rather -- a challenge. "Too bad you already took your shower. I was going to ask you to join me." When she hustles off to the bathroom, Jim follows, saying, "Well, I might not be as fast as you are, but there are still some things I'll make time for," giving new meaning to the word "quickie."

Steph's Work: Steph tells Katie that with the extra time, she and Jim even found a few moments to themselves. Katie says the powers are amazing. "Now you're telling me about your morning delight..." The TMI is mercifully interrupted by bossman Dr. RevCam King, who is waiting outside Steph's lab. He wants to discuss her work on wonder plant Trilsetum Coronis. Steph promises to catch him up, tomorrow.

Once the ladies are alone, Katie has a list of questions about the new-bilities. Has it altered their genetic makeup? Will it be hereditary? How long will it last? Where and how did it originate? Steph says they need a water sample from the crash site so they can test the phosphorescent phlebotinum. Katie's already arranged it and a sample is currently winging their way. "It's okay. You can say it. 'Best sidekick ever'." Stephanie doesn't, but I sure will. Katie, you are the best sidekick ever.


Daphne is overwhelmed by the sound of her classmates' thoughts. Her iPod helps some, but it's all very upsetting. My husband and I agree we'd hate that super-power. My daughter isn't sure we're right, because she's young and hasn't yet learned how badly people suck. Meanwhile, in math, JJ is greeted with another A on a test. His teacher is a suspicious, which is understandable, and a dick, which is not. We'll be calling him Professor Dick.

Precinct: Some jerk cop mocks Jim's artistry because he's a sketch artist. He'll be Detective Dick (no relation to the professor). I think we're supposed to appreciate that this sort of taunting now bothers Jim less than it would have before he could leap tall buildings in a single bound, but it just makes me think the show is trying too hard to show how hard Jim's had it all these years. Thankfully, Jim ignores it as best he can and then brings a sketch of the bank robber to Detective Yvonne Cho. When Jim claims the sketch is based on a description from an anon, Cho won't use it. Finally, Jim admits he witnessed the robbery. Yvonne: "You've been at a lot of crime scenes lately, pal." Jim: "Just trying to do my part."

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