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'Quickie' Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Precinct. The Watcher asks Cho about Koblenz (last week's teleporter), claiming he was his friend. Cho makes it clear that Koblenz would have killed her if she hadn't shot him first. When The Watcher asks if she noticed anything unusual about Koblenz, it takes Cho a moment to put on her game face. She then deflects the question and instead tells The Watcher he's welcome to file a grievance with her captain. Oh honey, couldn't you have just said no?

Fair: The Powells run into Mater Meticulous and her husband Pater Prickulous, who take cheap shots at Jim and Steph. [Why does Jim being a sketch artist translate to "Jim doesn't make any money"? He's a full-time police department employee, isn't he? Is it just because he makes less than Steph? Because that's some ridiculously old-fashioned shit. - Zach] To their credit, the Powells just smile, nod and move off in search of some cotton candy. Later, JJ wins a giant panda at the ring toss, but then gives it to a little girl after Daphne mocks him for trotting out his super-genius in order to win it. No, I'm not sure how that works either, but it must have something to do with trajectories, yeah? Anyhow, Daphne warns her little brother that if he wants to keep his powers a secret, he can't get an A on every test. Yeah genius, secrets are the key to having a secret identity.

Once she's on her own in the crowd, Daphne starts hearing voices again and is overwhelmed. Steph, who is working the ticket booth, abandons it when she notices her girl freaking out. We then cut to the top of the ferris wheel, where Daphne gets some space to think. Her mom tells her to try focusing on the one thing that matters most. "Close your eyes. Listen to my voice and focus on the one thing that matters most." The camera closes in on Daphne's face as we hear Steph saying "It's you. You're the most important thing in the world to me." When Daphne tells her mother to stop talking so she can concentrate, Steph reveals she wasn't talking, just thinking. Yes, I saw that coming a mile away, and no I don't get it either, but somehow, this all means that Daphne has learned how to control her telepathy, so, um, yay.

Dunk the Asshole Game: Pater Prickulous calls some little kid a "fatty" because he couldn't dunk him. Now it's Jim's turn. Steph goes up to stop him, though, because they don't want to show off their new-bilities. "Isn't it enough to know you could?" No, no it is not. Um, for me, anyhow. Jim seems to accept Steph's words of wisdom, but then Pater Prickulous takes it too far. When Jim hands Steph the ball, PP yells, "Yeah that's right, pal .Let your wife throw it." Mater Meticulous laughs and adds, "Why not? She does everything else for the family." Stephanie smiles and hands the ball back to Jim. "Just this once." Jim's like a kid in a candy store. He tells his wife he loves her, dunks PP and breaks the target. To his credit, the now-soaked PP only shrugs and laughs, but I still hate him.

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