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'Quickie' Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Bank: Blathering about budget cuts, George introduces himself as the A.D.A. and gives Jim's sketch to bank guard. Soon thereafter, the bad guys arrive, put on their masks (IN THE BANK!) fire their guns in the air and holler at everyone to get down. George ducks behind a wall and calls Jim.

Fair: Jim is talking to Stephanie about how his powers make him feel like he matters when he gets George's distress call. When Jim explains that George is in the middle of a robbery, Steph insists that Jim go save him.

Bank: The robbers take George hostage. Jim arrives in time, so he jumps in front of the van. Inside, George catches sight of his super-buddy and whispers, "Urlacher," just as Jim does the same outside. And I'm thinking that since last we knew, Jim could "only" lift about 1,100 pounds, and automobiles are around three times that weight (and let's ignore the fact that the van is moving), the Urlacher play is an unrealistic short-term goal. And I'm right. Vroom goes the van. Splat goes Jim. But then, he manages to grab the van's undercarriage and stop it from driving off. Still holding on, Jim works his way out from under the van, flips it, and releases George. When Cho and the other cops arrive, George orders Jim to take off. He does, but since he doesn't have foot-speed, Cho spots him fleeing the scene.

Powell Pad; Exterior: Cho catches Jim outside his house and questions him about how he's always at the scene of the crime lately. He decides to be straight with her and demonstrates his strength by lifting the tail end of his SUV. Cho is more freaked than impressed, and remains pissed. She doesn't care that Jim can do amazing things. He's acting like a dangerous vigilante, and if he doesn't knock it off, she'll haul him in. Jim tells her that the bad guys are super-powered, too, and explains that Koblenz's ability to teleport is what kept Cho from catching him. She is unmoved and makes that clear to Jim. He makes his last pitch: "I understand you feel like that now, but eventually, you're going to need me, because trust me, you can't catch these people without me." And the foreshadow turns into an eclipse.

Powell Pad; Interior: JJ is hiding a copy of Pascal's Theorems inside a comic book when Jim enters and tries to make amends with the boy. "You're not a kid who lies." Well he kind of is, now, Jim. "You just -- surprised me is all, but I know what it's like to have people not believing in you. I never meant for you to feel that way. I'm sorry. It took me a second, but you've got to know how proud I am of you, JJ." JJ says he appreciates it, but I can't imagine how the kid's not drowning in guilt.

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No Ordinary Family




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