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Sure enough, Stephony intercepts Jim in the halls. Seemingly none the wiser, Jim tells her about his earlier encounter with Forge (like she wasn't there) and that the shapeshifter is trying to find their Kryptonite. "How do you know she hasn't already?" Stephony asks. Jim says, "Because I'm still alive and you're--" He suddenly comes over all suspicious, and she rattles off stuff about the Jonathan Franzen, energy bars, and lavender oil. Totally convinced by this knowledge that could have been gleaned by the clumsiest home invader (and in fact, was), Jim hugs her, and she says they can't talk about their powers with anyone. Which is when Jim goes right ahead and talks about how they'll be fine as long as nobody finds out about his weakness for her lip stuff, which he describes in specific detail to the person he thinks is his wife, just to be safe. Man, this is a real meeting of the minds.

At night, JJ and Daphne walk right into the garage of some guy who's out working on his Jeep. That would be Kyle Ramey, the guy who sold the locket to the antique store lo these many years ago. They're just starting to talk to him when his wife comes out with a drink for him. She's quite friendly, until JJ drops Natalie's name and they both recognize it. Kyle dismisses Wifey back to the house so he can handle this, and she actually goes. The kids suddenly realize that Ramey was the other coworker who was shot the night Natalie's mom was killed. He's in rather a hurry to get rid of them, but just then the wife comes out with drinks for the kids as well. When she hands Daphne's over, their fingers touch, triggering a Daphne-vision memory of the night Natalie's mom was shot -- by Wifey herself, because Kyle was having an affair with Natalie's mom. The locket that started all this was left resting on the dead woman's cheek, just lying there as if in invitation for Kyle to nab it and sell it using his own name. And the police never solved this case? No wonder Jim has been taking over so much of their workload. Daphne covers her shock about as badly as possible, and Wifey is suddenly more suspicious of her than even JJ is, who's too dumb to take her hint to follow her outside with her cell phone.

At the precinct, George reports to Jim that the prints, while not in the criminal database, were in social services and belong to one Amelia Hammond, an orphan who was eventually adopted by none other than Dr. King. Her name's Amelia, now? How many names does this chick get? Jim gets a distress call from Daphne, telling him to come to 21 Rush Hill Road. Wifey comes up behind her, supposedly to bring her iced tea but really to pistol-whip her to the ground. I would have preferred the iced tea, and I don't even like iced tea.

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