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No Ordinary Bostonians
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I already mentioned this in the recaplet, but still, I want to thank the lovely and talented M. Giant for covering for me last week. Thank you, M. Giant! You give good weecap. I keep trying to choose a favorite from the names you came up with for the character doubles. It was neck and neck for a while, but in the end, I think Sim edges out the rest, although it only beats Forge by a nose.

Jim: Hey, what was up with last week? We thought you quit.

Recapper: Well, I pretended I did, but only to make myself feel better. I was sick -- weak and shaky.

Joshua: You coming off the secret serum, too?

Recapper: No, but you know, that is how it felt.

Joshua: You think I don't read the recaplets?

Recapper: Aw. Don't be so nice to me, I already feel really conflicted about you, Joshua.

Katie: This is my verse, hello!

Stephanie: I think what Katie's trying to say there is that this is a particularly painful episode for her, and you have not left yourself much time to cover it, so can you get with the zooping?

Recapper: Actually, what Katie is saying there -- doing there -- is quoting a line from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode, but point taken.

George: We should do a musical episode.

Recapper: The Lord is my shepherd. I DO NOT WANT...

Daphne: Guys, stop scaring her. Let's get this show on the road. It features my boyfriend, a lot, so I really like it.

Chris: (I'm not saying anything, but I'm thinking a lot of things right now).

Daphne: I know, Chris.

Chris: What?

Recapper: Okay, who wants to start?

Jim: I've got this. So, I'm chasing down some Random Thug. When I corner him in an alley, he starts shooting at me, but I'm bullet proof...

George: Really, you're more bullet resistant.

[Editor: Except in the back of the head.]

Jim: Whatever. So the bullets are bouncing right off me, and one ricochets right through a window and into some kid's gut. His name is Jasper, which I find out after I disable Random Thug, because I hear Jasper's mother screaming his name and crying for help. Oh my God. Everything is all my fault. I go to the hospital later, posing as one of the EMTs who brought him in and check in with Jasper's mom. The guilt is killing me.

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No Ordinary Family




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