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No Ordinary Bostonians

George: Meanwhile, someone is going around town punching out ATMs and grabbing the cash. Obviously, a super is at work here, right? My man Jim suspects it's Chris at first, because the perp escapes on a blue motorcycle.

Jim: But when another robbery happens as I'm questioning Chris, I realize I've fingered the wrong guy.

Daphne: Daddy, please don't finger my boyfriends.

Chris: Oh God, these people are freaks. It makes me long to be back home with my father, who has regained the use of his legs, and super-strength (although I don't really know that's what it is), and is a bigger abusive, drunken asshole than ever before... and, of course, is the ATM robber.

Daphne: When I go over to Chris's house to apologize for my father's accusations, he's really sweet and understanding, and when I hug him, I see why. Chris totally stole the serum, but he did so to heal his father.

Chris: After Daphne's gone, my father punches a hole in the fridge, which, gah, I'm losing IQ points even saying that. I know they want to show his strength, but who does that when all you have to do is open the fridge. I mean, all the cold air is going to escape through that gaping hole. My father might not care about much, but he does care about proper beer refrigeration.

Recapper: Kiddo, you're new here, so let me clue you in. When this show wants to drive home a point, it doesn't use a hammer, it uses a sledgehammer. It's not your fault.

Anthony Michael Hall: I sold it though, right?

Recapper: You know I love you, but... well, some things just won't sell. It's not your fault.

Katie: You've become like... our therapist or something.

Stephanie: How do you people stand this slow pace? I'm taking over again.

JJ: But Mom, it's my turn.

Stephanie: Hush. Anyhow, JJ and Natalie have a story this week, too. He "accidentally" on purpose runs into her while having coffee. She spots an unusual locket on the barista and realizes it's the locket her dead mom was wearing when she was murdered. Her mother's murder remains unsolved to this day. So my children...

Recapper: Wait, that was last week.

Stephanie: Really? How did I make that mistake?

Recapper: *Cough* I have no idea. JJ, why don't you take it after all.

JJ: Sheeesh, about time. So anyhow, this week, I'm still trying to get back together with Natalie, who says I'm CUTE, but do they have Bailey around, making my quest more difficult or conflicted or, Heaven forfend, interesting? Absolutely not. The obstacle of the week is some $10,000 scholarship. Natalie can't focus on anything else. Meanwhile, Professor Dick...

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No Ordinary Family




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