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No Ordinary Hand Job
becca's power -- shock waves. They try to figure out why she's after the epileptic meds. Jim figures it's an attempt at controlling her power. George advises Jim to let Steph check him out and make sure he doesn't have a concussion, but Jim refuses. He hasn't told Steph there are other supers out there.

School. JJ catches up with Michael Oher, who insists his name is Kenny, and tells him that while the pee he gave him is 100% pure, it's also 100% girl pee and 100% pregnant girl pee. Kenny freaks. That pregnant girl is his girl. He pisses and moans that his life is over, while JJ spouts off condom efficacy stats.

Meanwhile, Daphne goes to the principal's office and leaves him a note about Olivia and Mr. Robbins. Megan finds her, but Daphne covers about her reason for being there.

Global Tech: Katie and Steph find blue prints on Volson's computer files. They try to figure out what's up with that. Steph wants some more research, but Katie can't decrypt the files, so she admits up that she had help...from JJ.

Powell Pad: When Jim gets home, Steph starts ranting about family lies. He thinks she means the lies he's been spreading around like fertilizer, but she means JJ. When they confront JJ, he tries to act like hiding his powers from them is no big deal, but Jim is upset that he was stupid enough to believe his boy who's been crying crocodile tears for weeks. JJ whines AGAIN that this is the first time they've ever been proud of him. While Jim objects, saying that's not true, Steph focuses on the fact that their son was lying and wants to know why Jim isn't more upset. She then tells JJ that using his powers in football is cheating, so he's off the team. JJ is all No way, Jose. "Everyone else uses their powers. I am too. You wonder why I didn't want you to know."

Global Tech Reception for Steph: This looks to be a fun night as it opens with Powell parental bitching about JJ's powers, secrecy and what it says about them as parents. Let's leave them for someone more interesting, shall we?

Dr. RevCam King's Office: over the phone, the Watcher tells RevCam that "she's" off the grid and there's no way to track "her" until "she" uses her powers again. But just then, the office starts to shake, rattle and roll. RevCam says, "Actually, I think I found her." He looks up at his office door and greets his guest with a whispered, "Rebecca." Commercial.

Global Tech; RevCam's Office: RevCam: "Thank God you're okay. I was worried." Rebecca tells him he should be. When he asks why she's been robbing those pharmacies and killing innocent people in the process, Rebecca tells RevCam that she wants her life back again, and nothing works, including locking her up. She admits, "Maybe this is who I am now, but at least I can stop you from doing this to anyone else." She then tries to give RevCam the super-powered hand job, but some guards sneak up from behind, shoot her (I assume with tranq darts) and stop her. RevCam orders them to transport her back to "the dorms." No, Show. You are not going to suck me in again with mentions of cool things that don't come to pass, or don't pan out to be anything other than ordinary.

Science Shindig: Steph gives her wonder-plant presentation at a hoity-toity dinner, while the guards drag the drugged Rebecca away and throw her in a vehicle. When Rebecca wakens she incites a new earthquake, which rocks the folks at the shindig. It ends quickly enough, so we flash to the garage where a guard confronts Rebecca. The quake starts up again, so Jim takes off from the shindig, hunts down and confronts Rebecca, and asks to talk to her. She's all, "How are you still standing? You should be in a morgue after what I did to you." When Jim tells her they're more alike than she thinks, she decides to test that theory and lays her magic hand job on him, right in the parking lot. When Jim resists, Rebecca stops and says, "You're one of us, aren't you? They got you, too?" Jim wants to know what she means. "Who, who got us? Trust me. I'll help you find answers." She can't trust him. She assumes "they" sent Jim, because he has powers and that's the only way "they" can catch her. She jazz-hands Jim again and drives him to the floor, but she's stopped by the Watcher who seems to flip her powers back on her and throws her against the wall. The Watcher then looks down at an unconscious Jim and we cut to...

Powell Pad: Olivia comes to see Daphne. The principal talked to Mr. Robbins today, about an inappropriate relationship he was having with a student. Daphne: "He was taking advantage of you, Olivia." Olivia: "By dating my mom? They broke up." He only took Olivia out for coffee to say goodbye to her. Olivia makes sure Daphne realizes how much trouble she's caused: an innocent man has been humiliated and everyone thinks Olivia is having sex with her teacher. Daphne: "D'oh. Double sorry?"

Garage: Steph finds Jim dazed and confused. She wakes him and asks, "Who did this to you" Jim doesn't answer the question. Instead, he says, "There's something you need to know. JJ's not the only who who's been lying. I'm sorry." Commercial.

Powell Pad: At home Steph tends to Jim and then chides him for not telling her about the other supers. He didn't want to worry her, which pisses her off. Jim can't help but wonder why Rebecca came to Global Tech. Stephanie says, "No. It's not Global Tech; It's Volson. I've been tracking this scientist [...] who was experimenting with chromosome mutations a lot like ours." Jim accuses Steph of keeping secrets too, but Steph waves that away and explains that Volson is dead and his research has been mothballed. She then gives him a lesson: the only thing they can control is how they deal with their powers. Jim, trying to please mommy, adds, "And how we teach our children to." Steph: "Exactly." Me: "Good boy, Jim. Now fetch Mommy's slippers."

School: Daphne confesses to Mr. Robbins that she wrote the note, and apologizes. Mr. Robbins tells her not to be sorry for looking out for her friend. He can no longer be there for Olivia if he wants to keep his job, but tells Daphne she can be. Um, I pretty sure Olivia won't want her. He makes sure Daph understands that he'll live under the shadow of her allegations for a long time. Daphne feels like shit. Her power sucks.

Locker Room: JJ is afraid Jim is there to stop him from playing, but Jim's just there to apologize. For what? Being lied to? Ugh. JJ pleads for his father's understanding. He's finally living the life of someone he's always wanted to be. Jim tries to drive home the point that JJ is special aside from his newbilities. And he thinks using those newbilities on the field amounts to cheating himself. "You think you need them to become this person you want to be, but I think you can do it on your own. I just wish you could believe it, too."

Game: Daph informs Steph about the Olivia/Mr. Robbins non-affair. Steph says it's not that simple to recognize the right thing to do. Right then, the coach puts JJ in the game. The family cheers him on even though they think he's a ginormous cheater. JJ calls his plays and gets the A Beautiful Mind special effects, but looks up to his dad in the stands and decides to ignore his magical math. He runs behind Kenny for quite some time, but eventually is pummeled by the other team. His parents are thrilled. I'm disgusted.

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No Ordinary Family




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