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After the game, Jim walks arm in arm with JJ, and praises his performance. JJ gives Dad a reality check and then asks, "What's the return policy on the cleats?" Jim suggests if they have the receipt, they can trade them in for baseball cleats, instead. And... that's it.

I'm sorry, I think the football plot was weak. Last week, I tried to give it some credit, but considering how it's turned out, I'd like to revoke that. Look, if JJ had a major growth spurt over the past year, it wouldn't be cheating to play football. Now that he is suddenly able to master the cerebral aspect of the game, why is that cheating? If JJ had joined the Mathletes or something, I might understand the Powells' protests, but there's way much more involved in football than knowing for certain the angle at which you must throw the ball. You need the coordination and strength (and we're still not sure how JJ had those aspects down so quickly, given he never used to like tossing a ball around with his dad). You need your teammates to be in the right place, and you need to get past the opposing team. A different sort of challenge would have been a better fit here than football. I'm starting to feel like this show is just fast food. It looks right and smells okay, but it doesn't ultimately satisfy me, and now I'm feeling a little sick. I'm going to close this weecap so I don't make you feel sick, too.

Neither TiVo nor Yahoo TV has an episode listed for next week, but currently claims ABC will be running "No Ordinary Visitors." That's election day, so I'm thinking TiVo and Yahoo are probably right, and we're getting a week off. If not, I'll see you next week. In the meantime, please join us on the show thread, where you can totally use your newbilities in our reindeer games.

Watch a clip from the episode below, discuss it in our forums, and see what other TV family we wish had powers.

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