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The Wedding Crashers

An angry-looking Jim Powell is hitting baseballs off an oceanside cliff, just like he used to do when he was an upset college student, so of course Sidekick George knows just where to find him. After a throw-away exchange acknowledging Detective Yvonne Cho's murder, and Jim's frustration at not be able to save the world, George reminds Jim that he only has a couple of minutes to get to an appointment he cannot miss. It's up, up and away for Jim, who lands on a downtown rooftop, trips over the edge and lands again, in the alley below. Using the mini mobile lair he's installed in his trunk, George tracks Jim's progress, rags on his lack of grace ("A little less black eye, a little more peas") and then gives him directions to his destination. On his Bluetooth, Jim says, "Tell Steph I'm on the way." He then bravely marches toward his destiny. Is it a bank robbery? A hold-up at a jewelry boutique? A kidnapping? Um, no. It's a tux shop.

Chi-chi Hotel; Wedding Reception: When Jim arrives, Daphne pouts that he missed the whole ceremony. Our first nephew got married this past weekend. My kids were too young to attend, but the older nephews and nieces were there, and mercifully, the bride and groom did not seat them with their parents, so we all had a fabulous time. (Rumor has it, Scott and I are still recovering.) Unfortunately for Jim and Steph, they're sharing a table with their little bundles of adolescent angst. The bride, who used to babysit Daphne and JJ, comes over to the table and gushes to the Powells that she's married today because she's always wanted what they have. When Jim and Stephanie shift uncomfortably under her glowing review of their domestic life, I brace myself for another episode about marital malaise, so I am happy to be able to spoil you here and now that this episode doesn't go back to that well. When the bride moves on, Stephanie tries to get Jim out on the dance floor, but Daddy doesn't dance. Just then, the lights go out. Jim chalks this up to a power outage, but no, it's an armed robbery -- and the robbers are armed with machine guns (or perhaps semi-automatics -- what do I know from firearms). They inform their victims that jewelry and cash can go right in the bag, thank you very much. Jim wants to try out his new superpowers on them, but Stephanie stops him by pointing out that innocents could get caught in the crossfire. One of the thieves approaches the Powells' table and says, "You. Barbie. The ring. Put the ring in the bag." Steph hems, haws and finally puts the rock in the sack. Once the bad guys exit, Jim runs after them, and watches as they zip up the side of the building on ropes straight off of Batman's utility belt. He takes a small running start, jumps up, up and away, but not away enough, because SMACK -- he face-plants, right in the side of the building. The crooks never notice him and escape without interruption.

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