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The Wedding Crashers

Global Tech; Day: Steph goes to see Dr. RevCam King. She's nervous about her funding resting on her physical. RevCam tells her they already have her sample, so he's sure it will be fine. Privately, Steph finds this curious since she hasn't given a sample, but manages to cover with King. Later, Katie admits that she took the physical for her. Steph understands her impulse, but points out that the lab has a sample of her blood on file from her employee screening. Since they could wind up jobless and in prison, the ladies realize they'll have to switch it out. How thorough is this company with employment physicals? Sheesh. Are they doing full metabolic panels and DNA analysis, or what?

School: Daphne approaches Sarah, bumps into her, awkwardly brings up JJ and then reads the girl's mind. Her thoughts about JJ amount to God, I hope he doesn't like me and He's nice for a major tool. Aw.

Next Wedding: George and Jim scope out the joint and unfortunately meet up with the father of the bride and lie that they're old friends of Pete, his newly minted son-in-law. Eventually, Sidekick George steers Jim to the dance floor, where he embarrasses them both. Then the father of the bride brings Pete over to catch up with them. Pete can't remember them, but then the lights go out. Jim scopes out a man walking to the front o the ballroom with purpose. He tackles him and they both end up in the cake, but the guy's no robber. He's the cake man. [Hence the cake server in his hand, and not a machine gun. - Z] The bride's cries lead us into commercial.

Powell Pad: George wants to work on Jim's finesse, so he explains that dancing will teach him awareness and control. It doesn't go too badly until Jim turns and smashes his super-fist into the wall. Just then, Daphne comes home. The guys act like they're lying when they say George is teaching Jim to dance, so she immediately gets suspicious. To prove his point, Jim starts dancing again. Daphne can't meet his eyes as she commands him to stop. Besides, she wants to talk to George. Thrilled that she's taking them up on the offer, Jim beats a hasty retreat.

Lab: Katie and Steph start their blood sample switcheroo caper. The jerkface from the pilot episode, who mocked Stephanie during her wonder-plant presentation, also happens to be the jerk who has "black keycard" access. Katie distracts him while Steph picks his pocket. All he feels is a gust of air and asks Katie, "Did they just kick the AC on?" Once she knows Steph's mission has been accomplished, Katie immediately drops the chatty Cathy act and walks away, leaving Jerkface hanging.

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No Ordinary Family




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