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The Wedding Crashers

Powell Pad: Daph wants advice from George about the JJ/Sarah mind-reading situation. George is psyched because although super-strength and mind reading aren't in his wheelhouse, this kind of stuff is. Daphne cracks about having served as flower girl at both of his weddings. George allows that while he's no marriage expert, he's a master at dating. He tells her to go easy, so JJ won't get hurt. "Tell him she's not into guys like him -- that she only dates a certain type of guy." So, general tools rather than major tools? Daphne then changes the subject and asks George if he was really teaching Jim how to dance. Now he was, but not for the reasons Jim stated, so George gets nervous and reminds himself that Daphne can read his mind -- which she hears -- because she can read your mind, Sidekick George. As he makes his way out the door, he starts thinking the names of state capitals: "Alabama, Montgomery; Alaska, Juneau; New Mexico, Santa Fe -- no, Albuquerque." Subtle, Sidekick George. Real subtle.

Daphne tells JJ George is keeping a secret about their Dad. She then tells him Sarah likes him, but he's not her type. JJ says he could be her type if he knew what that type was. Rather than saying something unattainable, like oh say, guys that are over 6'4", Daphne blurts out, "Jewish ones." Oy vey.

Alone, JJ researches Judaism and starts learning Hebrew, online.

Downstairs in the living room, Jim is upset that Stephanie is breaking into the lab to switch her blood sample, but she has no choice. Meanwhile, he's still planning to retrieve her ring. They wistfully recall when their activities were things like movie night. Once Steph is gone, Daph comes down to figure out what's going on with dear old dad. He's slicing an apple and reminds her of when he used to cut them into the shape of a lion's mane. Daphne is all That's baby stuff. I'm a big girl, now. Wah. She's unimpressed when Jim tells her she'll always be his baby. Their moment is interrupted by a call from George, who tells Jim to meet him at the Bell Pacific Hotel for another wedding. Daphne of course reads the hotel locale from Dad's mind, even as he lies that he's going to the precinct. She gives him a chance to come clean with her, which he can't do, because Stephanie doesn't want him to. Jim's guilt is written all over his face when Daphne says, "Dad, you wouldn't lie to me, right? You always tell me the truth." He does his best to cover though, and says, "Always." See, this is the problem with parents, today. My parents wouldn't have lied to me, or tried to explain themselves. They would have just told me it was none of my damned business and then would have kept thinking, "If you try to read my mind I will ground you until you're 30. Now go to your room." There are ways not to confide in your kids -- ways that don't require lying to their faces.

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