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The Wedding Crashers

Powell Pad: Daphne is waiting with Steph when Jim arrives home. Daddy's little baby is all, "You lied to me... I've always been able to count on a few things: JJ saying stupid stuff; Mom always talking about work; and you always being honest with me about everything...." Hello, people, the pilot was two episodes ago, and during a time of extreme duress (the plane crash) Daphne made it pretty clear that Daddy lies to her about things big and small. Are the writers not watching their own show? This is such a stupid mistake, and one that's so easily correctable. She could have just said, "You promised -- no more lies," or something and the result would be the same, except I wouldn't be sitting here shaking my head 'til my neck aches. Bah! At any rate, Daphne's all I'm 16 years old like that's a wicked impressive advanced age, and whinging about how she's tired of being the only one who has to keep secrets in the whole family. She's off to tell Megan about her new-bilities and stomps out. I tried to stomp out of the house, once. My (non-abusive) mother grabbed me by the pony tail and um... persuaded me not to. Jim wants to stop Daphne, but Steph talks him down, which is a good thing, because just then, George calls. There's a problem down at the precinct.

Megan's Porch: Daphne arrives, apologizes for being a freak and says, "I want to tell you the truth about how I knew your parents were getting a divorce. It may seem really hard to believe. It's even more difficult to say, but here it goes. The truth is...."

Precinct: Jim arrives to find the bad guys being released. Per George, they had nothing concrete to link the bad guys to the crime, because the lights were out and no one can I.D. them. I'm not buying this insufficient evidence excuse, but I'm so disappointed in a million little details this week, that I'm afraid if I go into my reasons, I'll end up putting you to sleep. George says they have to let the villains go. "That's how it works for us mortals. The system is not perfect. I know that. Maybe with some practice and some luck, we'll get 'em next time." Jim bemoans their situation, but stops short when George hands him Stephanie's ring. It's a beautiful diamond solitaire, probably somewhere between a half and a whole carat. It seems one of the uniformed officers recovered it at the scene. Because what? The bad guys bring the booty from previous heists to each subsequent one? Oh, Show! Be better than this. Jim softens as I harden. Commercial.

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