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No Ordinary Amnesia
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Recapper: All right, who's going to start?

Katie: I will.

Recapper: No, Katie. Let's save you for when I can take it no longer. Besides, I don't want to take advantage of you, unlike other people. Why don't you start, Daphne?

Daphne: Me, really? Okay. Well, Katie and George go out bowling with our family. My dad's breaking the pins apart, because he still can't control his own strength unless the plot calls for it. George is being a poor loser, because JJ cheats by using his super brain to figure out just where and how the ball should hit the pins to get a strike.

Stephanie: Stop that, Daphne. He's not cheating, he's just maximizing his potential.

Recapper: Okay, I agree, but since when do you? When he was using his super smarts for football, weren't you up in arms? I'd check back in the old recaps, if the thought didn't make me want to assume the fetal position and sob.

Daphne: She changed her mind when she decided to use her super speed and kick over the pins.

Recapper: Now that's cheating! I mean, I never understood how JJ using his understanding of angles and trajectories, etc. for physical sport was cheating. I don't even understand how it helps him, since he still has to get his body to work the right way. You could teach me all the mechanics of bowling a strike, or throwing a perfect Hail Mary pass, but that doesn't mean I could do it every darned time.

JJ: Look, even I don't get this stuff. Will you stop obsessing?

Recapper: That's my job, squirt. But still, point taken. Please continue, Daphne.

Daphne: The main point of this scene is that Will shows up, which creeps me out. While he's talking, I try to read his mind again. It's all static-y at first and then it's like a door slams in my head. Then he turns and looks at me -- knowingly. I'm wicked freaking scared.

Recapper: That was chilling, I'll admit. Anything else?

Jim: Well, George brings his police scanner to the bowling alley and when we hear about a robbery in progress at a dry cleaner's, it's up, up and away!

Recapper: This is the other thing I don't get. If you guys hear about crimes from the cops, and the cops are already rushing to the scene, why do you even go?

George: Because this is a super-hero show. I'm not sure you're cut out for this, girl.

Recapper: You and me both. Where are my stunning vampires? There should be vampires.

Stephanie: You want me to go all Darla?

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No Ordinary Family




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