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Powell Pad; Kitchen; Morning: Daphne gives Jim hell about cancelling the camping trip, but JJ doesn't care. He runs downstairs to tell his parents he's going out for the team. JJ takes exception to Jim's doubts about him playing football. Exasperation wins the day.

Precinct: George comes in and tells Jim he thinks he knows who the vigilante might be -- one Andrew Myers, whose son was shot to death in the park a few years back. The perp walked, but a year later, was gunned down. No one could link Myers to the crime at the time, but George has this gut feeling about him. He knows of a little bar on the south side where Myers hangs out. "Should I drive, or do you want me to just hop on your back and we could..." He reads Jim's look then adds, "I'll drive. Probably better."

School: JJ approaches the football coach, who is also his history teacher. Since he's gotten his grades up, JJ would like to go out for the team. Professor Coach is no Professor Dick, but he points out that JJ is smaller than his daughter. Hey, that's my line. And I'm typing this bad boy as I watch, so I'm not faking you out, here. JJ cuts a deal with him, if he aces the mid-term, Professor Coach will let him try out for the team.

South Side Dive Bar: George and Jim see Myers at the bar, and George preps Jim on chatting up their suspect. "Okay, you're gonna talk to him, feel him out. The thing criminals love to do is talk about themselves. Make him comfortable, you get him to open up. Same idea as when you were single -- think of it as a blind date, but with a sociopath." Jim notes the football coverage on the TV and starts talking about JJ. Myers replies with a sad song about how one day you're your kid's hero and the next day he wants nothing to do with you. He then takes his leave. Jim reports back to George that he just thinks Myers wants to be left alone.

Global Tech: Stephanie mistakes the breakdown on her wonder-plant for the blood analysis they ran on the Powells after their newbilities were made manifest. Science talk science talk science talk. The same thing that's hinky about the wonder plant is hinky about the Powells. Just as the women realize the significance of this, Jerkface pops in to see them. "Am I interrupting?" As Stephanie says no, they were just talking about their work, Daphne blurts out, "No, we were just talking about our periods." Awkward. She then adds: "Our periods of time in which we like to work." Jerkface shakes his head, as his lip curls. "I can't believe you two beat me for the research grant."

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No Ordinary Family




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