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School: Daphne approaches Bailey in the hall, who is all, "Do we know each other?" even though she knows they don't. Daphne's already reading her mind, and can tell that she's a snob, but plays her part and gushes that she's super-excited for the big party and wants to know if she can bring anything. Bailey points out she can't attend the party since she wasn't invited and doesn't know where it is. Daphne lies that she knows that it's at Alec Coster's house. Bailey lies back that she's right, and she'll see her there, but Daphne overhears her thinking, "While we're all raging at Paul Steptoe's house." Daphne smiles back and says, "Perfect. See you there."

Franklin Park; Night: Over the Bluetooth, Jim asks George if he really thinks he's as bad as the violent vigilante. George placates him, and asks Jim not to let one argument come between them, but there's no more time for bromance, because just then a shot rings out. Jim rushes to the scene and finds a man down. A couple happens upon Jim kneeling over the vigilante's latest victim. The woman yells out, "You shot him!" And instead of pointing out that he doesn't have a gun, Jim runs away as though he really did shoot the guy, which he so did not! I send Scott to the store for some wine. Commercial. Red wine: when sub-par plotting has you down, our tannin-laden tastiness erases your frown.

Precinct; Day: Det. Cordero brings Alice and Edward Costigan to Jim. They're the witnesses to last night's crime, so of course Jim recognizes them immediately. To keep them from doing the same, he makes a big show of blowing his nose and keeping tissues over his face, so that they don't get a good clean look at him. He then grabs some cop's glasses off a nearby desk, and like a modern-day, bald, pudgy Clark Kent who's barely the same species as Tom Welling, he is instantly unrecognizable. Still, Jim can't escape the implications of the Costigans' description, except for one saving grace: the couple is sure that the "perp" had long stringy hair.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, JJ is subject to the exact type of bullshit you'd expect him to experience in a high school locker room. Still, when the coach tries to give him an out, JJ is all in.

Global Tech: Jerkface notes that Stephanie's research isn't confined to her wonder-plant, so of course she thinks he's discovered her family's secret. But he hasn't. Instead, he assumes she's digging into the archives of one Dr. Douglas Volson. Although Jerkface makes it sound like Volson was a epic failure, it sounds to us, and to Steph, like Volson was onto whatever mutation Steph is onto, now that she's discovered the similarities between her family and her wonder-plant. Look, I took the science required of me in high school and college and never looked back. That's why I'm writing for TWoP instead of working at MIT. Don't judge me, people. I have my own super-powers. And? Voodoo dolls.

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No Ordinary Family




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