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Oh, I jumped ahead of myself, before. Here's where Jim puts on the glasses and takes the perp's description from the Costigans: Cupid's bow lips (I have a cupid's bow, do you); round, ball-ish, fat, meaty face (no comment); middle aged -- no spring chicken (no comment); long, stringy, thin hair (no -- hooray). Cordero comes over and pressures Jim then asks why he looks so worked up. Jim: "I'm just passionate about my art. When I'm passionate, I sweat." Cordero (with a smirk): "Your wife's a lucky lady."

Football Try-Outs: Daph and friends walk by as she informs them that she has a party location. Then she notices JJ on the sidelines, all suited up and ready to get killed. The coach puts him in and gives JJ his play (red dog right). The players all give him shit, except for one nice Michael Oher-esque player who tells him to stay behind him. JJ calls the play, does his magical math, finds an open receiver and throws a perfect spiral, which -- I'm sorry. Does his super-intelligence give him the ability to control his strength and coordination? C'mon, Show. Maybe you should have had him take over the chess club, first. JJ makes the team, as you knew he would, and my husband comes home with my red, red wine. But... dun dun dun, I can't uncork that bottle yet, because Professor Dick has been watching from the sidelines. He hates to see JJ have any single moment of happiness, so he makes a phone call. Is it to Dr. RevCam King? No, because the show isn't that deep -- at least not yet.

Powell Pad: Daphne, who you'll recall has just used her powers to find out the location of a really big kegger, thinks JJ is out of line using his powers to make the football team. She hates lying about his super-genius (if not getting her homework done). JJ explains that football is all math and it gets all vector analysis-y, which makes Daphne and me dizzy.

School: Professor Dick, it seems, was calling the Powells. He and another teacher (or perhaps the principal, this show is really bad about making clear the names of minor characters) imply that JJ is on performance-enhancing drugs, but not in a Clemens way -- in a Kellie Martin as Lucy Knight on E.R. way. He must be taking Adderall or something to have made such strides. Jim's pretty terrific here -- pointing out that they called the Powells in when JJ was screwing up, but now they're calling them in when he's doing well. Finally, Professor Dick lays it on the table: "JJ's changed so much in a short span that you have to ask yourselves, if it's not drugs -- what is it?" Dawn breaks over Jim and Stephanie's head.

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No Ordinary Family




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