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Back home they ask JJ if he's on drugs. He's understandably offended. They then move onto the subject of powers, and JJ is a complete, tearful lying little son of a bitch. "For the first time in my life, I'm finally good at stuff because I believe in myself. It would be real nice if you did, too." Jim proceeds to beat up on himself for not trusting his untrustworthy kid, until the evening news catches Stephanie's eye. They're showing the composite sketch of the alleged vigilante, but it's basically Jim's self-portrait with a slightly skewed face and stringy hair. Stephanie then moralizes about how he's not giving enough to his own family. See, she's had super-speed for four weeks, so now she's perfect, and thus she gives Jim an ultimatum: "Do you want to be a parent or a vigilante?" Um, I think he wants to be both, Ms. This-Is-My-First-Night-Home-In-15-Years. Look, normally, I would take the woman's side in this argument, but in the Powell family, Jim is totally the mom. Commercial.

Precinct: While Cordero is hanging over Jim's desk, George brings him information on Andrew Myers and convinces him to include him in a line-up. The victim fails to identify him, and Jim honestly can't see it when he looks Myers in the eye. George says the problem is that Jim likes everyone. "It's just part of your Jim-ness. You see the world the way you are. I see the world, too. You know what I see? Robbery, rape, murder. Take it from an attorney, people suck -- even the people who don't appear to suck at first glance?" Jim finishes for him: "Suck?" George: Yeah." Cordero reports that they have to let Myers walk. George advises him to turn up the heat with a home search, etc. because he's pretty sure Myers is the guy. Cordero says, "I think you're right, but he walks, for now." Myers spots Jim as he leaves the station. Jim looks after him and then shares a meaningful glance with George.

Party: Daphne and her friends are way too dolled-up for the exclusive kegger, which is a dead give-away that they don't belong. When Daphne spots JJ, she pulls him to the side to ream him out for doing exactly what she's doing. Her sibling-strongarmery is the second strike on her fledgling social life. Bailey and the Jail-Bailettes come to JJ's rescue, and point out that he's invited, because even though he's a lowly frosh, he's on the football team. Daphne, however, is on the loser team, and there's a strict no-loser policy. Their bitchery is interrupted by Bailey's boyfriend, who announces they're out of hooch. Daphne announces she can get them some more and we cut to...

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No Ordinary Family




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