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Powell Pad; Morning: Jim wants everyone to listen up. He tells Daphne she abused her powers without giving a damn about the consequences, and he knows he's guilty of the same thing. He then heaps piles of coals on JJ's guilty head, and at the time, I think Jim is a parenting genius, and has figured out that JJ too has newbilities -- but nope. He's bought the lie hook, line and sinker. To Jim, JJ is just a good, normal kid who found himself in a tough situation and took the noble way out by working hard and proving himself. Oh, Jim. Jim goes on to say they can't rely on their newbility crutches and have to start relying on their inner strength, instead. Maybe. I kind of dozed off. Stephanie adds her apology to the chorus and I don't know how Daphne doesn't puke right then and there. At any rate, they're all going to JJ's football game tonight, so let's join them for the most predictable two minutes in television.

Game: The starting quarterback gets hurt, so Professor Coach puts JJ in. The family is shocked, but they cheer him on. At first, JJ seems like he might feel funny or guilty, but that soon passes. And then the show makes a fatal mistake. It references a cinematic classic in its C+ episode's closing scene. While JJ maths up the football game, the vigilante (who is totally Andrew Myers) patrols the park and stalks his next perp-victim. And it's all very much the baptism scene from The Godfather, set to Lucy Schwartz's "Life in Letters," but otherwise without any artistic merit. As JJ and his magical math save the game, Myers hunts his predator-prey only to find he's been set up by Det. Cordero and the police, who end up shooting Myers in his cold, bitter, broken heart. At the end, JJ, who is wearing lucky number 7, looks like he might have a conscience after all, but we fade to black and have to wait for next week to find out if he's a sociopath in the making or just an angsty kid. Given the way this show has proceeded so far, I'm pretty sure he's just an angsty kid.

As I said in the recaplet, No Ordinary Family seems to be in a holding pattern. It's entertaining enough, but is doing nothing to make me crave more. This week is just like any episode in any nondescript procedural, and by the hour's end, nearly everything is wrapped up in a neat, moralistic bow. My husband agrees with me. My mother thinks I'm wrong like a wrong thing, so you be the judge. If not for the likable performances from the cast (and my paycheck from TWoP), I might have cashed out by now. That said, the previews for next week imply the story is about to heat up, so I'm still holding out some hope that the writers will attend a Julie Plec/Kevin Williamson master class on the art of set-up and reveal.

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