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Police station: Jim interviews a widow whose jeweler-husband was killed by a man wearing a President Obama mask. Jim so wants to help her, but since there's no sense drawing a composite of a guy was wearing a mask, Jim goes to talk to hot chick cop, Yvonne Cho (Christina Chang), who praises him and how much he cares. Are we heading into affair-ville? Nope. We just need to set Jim up for his first big moment. Across the room, a suspect grabs a gun from a uniformed cop, a scuffle ensues, and the gun goes off before the perp is wrestled to the ground. Jim and Yvonne who had hit the floor thanks to Jim's reflexes, stand back up, and Yvonne wonders where the bullet went. Jim, who looks like he's going to lose his lunch, says he needs some fresh air. As he walks off, he opens his fist to reveal...the bullet. Now we're cooking with gas. Or we will be, after this commercial break.

It's time for Stephanie's talking head, but these things are too tedious to recap and this is only a "weecap" anyhow. Suffice it to say, after the bullet catching incident, she notices a (positive) change in Jim, but at the time she is so hurried and harried, she doesn't have the time or energy to figure out what's going on.

School: Stephanie drops off the kids. JJ gets right out, but Stephanie tries to talk to Daphne, but she's too distracted to listen to mom. She's distracted because boyfriend Lucas (Chord Overstreet) is chatting up Lindsay (Nadine Crocker) who Daphne says is a whore. Nice. The girls exchange some bitchery, with Our Maiden of the Hymen actually citing when Lindsay allegedly lost her virginity. Lindsay snarls as she leaves Lucas and Daphne alone. The young almost-lovers smooch, but he has to get going. When Daphne's BFF Emily catches up with her, they watch Lucas walk off and Daphne says, "I can't tell what's cuter, the fact that Lucas has no idea Lindsay is hitting on him, or that he's too into me to see it." BFF and I laugh and laugh, because Daphne has just unwittingly foreshadowed the end of her romance.

Stephanie's Office: Her colleague Katie (Autumn Reeser) scurries alongside Stephanie trying to help her maintain her high-paced life. Katie will make the Powells' dinner reservations. "Someplace romantic?" she offers. Stephanie: "Someplace they won't give the table away if I'm late." Tsk. Sad. In the board meeting, Stephanie makes a presentation on a wonder-plant found in the Amazon Basin: the Trilsetum Coronis (which Google doesn't recognize, but my spelling taken from her slides). A cocky colleague mocks her for wasting the board's time on a plant, because he's never taken a science course, apparently. Let's ignore him. Oh look, there's RevCam. Here though, Stephen Collins plays Dr. Dayton King -- Stephanie's boss. He puts Cocky back in his place and Stephanie continues her presentation with King's encouragement and some prompting from their teleconferencing corporate overlord.

Batting Cages: Jim bribes the attendant to rent him the whole place for an hour and take a break. Instead of batting though, he's catching the machine's tosses at speeds between 90 and 140 miles per hour. Gloveless!

Stephanie's Office: RevCam King invites Stephanie to give an in-depth presentation to the corporate overlord who is flying in tonight for that express purpose. There goes date night.

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