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For Truth, Justice and the Suburban Way

Jim takes 1/4 mile jumps the whole way there and lands on the criminal's car, stopping it cold and wrecking the roof. He pulls the Obama-masked guy (OMG) out of the driver's seat, throws him against the wall, pulls off his mask and says, "You're going away for a long time." Just then a shot rings out. Jim turns to find the OMG now behind him with the mask back on (so it seems like two guys -- I'll explain, later), laughing his ass off, because he's just shot Jim in the less-than-bulletproof nape of his neck. Jim reaches into the wound and pulls out the bullet. He tries to grab teleporting OMG, but instead collapses in the alley. He calls his friend. "Help me, George. I've been shot."

Powell bedroom: Jim wakes and George tells him that he and Stephanie stitched Jim up and that the bullet only penetrated 1/4 of an inch. So while he's not exactly bulletproof, it's good enough. Jim is upset that George has let Stephanie in on his secret and says she'll never understand, so of course Stephanie enters, begs to differ and shows off her new super speed. George: "You two are freaky." George, you're freaking cool.

Later, Jim asks Stephanie how this could have happened. Stephanie recalls the phosphorescent phlebotinum that was in the water where their plane crashed and chalks it up to that. Who cares, girl. You can eat anything you want and never gain weight. Just then, Daphne calls home, upset.

School: Daphne is disappointed that Stephanie is picking her up. She's used to confiding in him, but she comes clean with her mother about the telepathic experience she had during gym class. We flashback and see Emily revving Daphne up to confront Lindsay about her pursuit of Lucas. When she does, Lindsay smiles smugly and says, "Maybe if you weren't so concerned with losing Lucas, you'd realize you already have." But then Emily hears Lindsay's thoughts: "You're so clueless, I actually feel bad for you." Later, during their basketball game, Daphne starts hearing everyone's thoughts. It's all very "Earshot" and reminds me why I don't really want to know what people are thinking. Back in the present, Daphne says she knows her mother is going to think she's crazy, but Stephanie says she believes her.

Home: the family confronts JJ to see what super powers he has. He has bupkis and feels totally ripped off. And Daphne wants to ignore it all as a one-off. "Why are we having this meeting anyhow, so you two can convince yourselves you're different?" She gives them some more shit. Jim orders her to her room. She makes her typical teen stance, closing with, "This family isn't broken; you two are." Once the kids stomp off, Jim and Stephanie admit their daughter isn't wrong. Maybe not, but she still needs a big time out.

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No Ordinary Family




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