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At work Jim is able to give Yvonne a detailed sketch of OMG, claiming he got info from a "witness." He's found him in the database and tries to tag along with Yvonne and her partner, but she tells him to leave the crime-fighting to them.

Daphne and Lucas are alone together at last. He knows she's out of sorts so he asks her what's wrong, but she tries to shrug it off. Then she hears his thoughts. He's cheating on her all right, but it's not Lindsay he's hooking up with -- it's her BFF, Emily, who shall now be referred to a fBFF(as in former). jbreckenridge in the forums puts it thusly: "At the moment Daphne is fresh out of confidants. Her BFF and her BF are F'ing." Effing fBFF.

Yvonne and her partner go to question the woman who bailed out OMG. She says she hasn't seen him since then. As they turn to leave, OMG gets off the elevator, shoots at the cops, kills the partner and takes Yvonne hostage, which seems unnecessary since he can teleport.

Home: A tearful Daphne tells her mother about Lucas and Emily's betrayal. Ouch, she's so hurt, I can't keep calling her Our Maiden of the Hymen. She needs something more chipper. Let's go with Cherry Pie. When her mom comforts her, Cherry Pie whines, "It's not fair. I can't be a virgin and a freak." Then JJ walks in, still moping about his lack of ability. Sigh.

Parking Garage: This is the scene where we actually find out that OMG can teleport. Up until this time, it had seemed that there were two OMGs in the alley when Jim was shot, but I didn't have it in me to keep up the pretense. So yeah, there's that reveal and while Yvonne is mouldering away in the trunk of OMG's car (so she can't see Jim in action), he and Jim face off. Jim's all tough now, but OMG just scoffs at him and asks if he thought he was the only super-powered guy in the place. OMG teleports hither and thither, shooting at Jim. He finally gets behind our hero and holds the gun to Jim's less than invulnerable nape. As OMG indulges in the typical villainous monologue of hubris, a shot rings out. Yvonne got herself out of the trunk and shot OMG dead. She chases Jim off so he won't have to answer any questions from Internal Affairs.

Jim arrives home and Stephanie asks him if they can talk, telling him, "While I was racing to be the perfect spouse -- the perfect parent -- you were it. You were extraordinary before you could ever catch a bullet." All the wacky hijinks are making them grateful for what they have. Stephanie extracts a promise from Jim that he'll give up the bullets and crime fighting, but he looks pained as he makes his pledge.

School: Mopey JJ is mopey because he has to take a math test, but then he turns all Good Will Hunting/Beautiful Mind and aces the sucker. Super-intelligence and less moping for the win!

Jim visits George who has turned his own garage into super hero command central for Jim. There are computers, TVs and all manner of techno-goodies. George: "It's what every single crime-fighter needs: a lair. With wi-fi." The men high five each other with manly super-geeker glee. Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's that promise to Stephanie waving bye-bye.

Therapist's Office: Stephanie talking-heads, we cut to Jim and then to the therapist, whose reveal I've already spoiled. The implication seems to be that they've told him all about their new abilities because Dr. Allen's voice is shaky and stunned as he stutters out that they've got their work cut out for them. He takes a beat and then... "Might I suggest we start with twice a week." Jim and Stephanie smile with warm resolve and we cut to a modern-day montage of the Powells again playing football, as Narrator Jim blahs about how their problems may no longer be ordinary... "But then again, neither are we." Jim sends the football sailing blocks away. Stephanie super-speeds to get it and super-speeds back. The couple kiss and we cut to...

Creepy Dark Industrial basement: Dr. RevCam King stalks down the corridor to find a minion watching over the corpse of OMG. King says, "Find out who knows about [OMG] and...Take Care Of It. Minion-Man nods silently, the lights flicker and scene.

In the recaplet, I said I wasn't dying to see what happens next, but now I kind of am. At any rate, I'd watch again, even if I weren't paid to do so. I love the realistic yet loving Powell marriage and George and Katie already own me. I just hope the kids become more tolerable. So far, I think this is a light, energetic series and may well be one I can watch with my kids if Cherry Pie stops carrying her sexual status like a cross. How about you? Join the discussion in our show thread, shoot me an email at CynthiaMcLennan[at], or follow me on Twitter.

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