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No, We're Never Gonna Survive, Unless We Get a Little Lazy

Previously on Survivor, neither tribe had food and Kathy found protein and "redeemed" herself with Rotu. If "redeemed" means "annoyed," "harassed," and "aggravated to within inches of their lives." Maraamu awoke with a radio show, but Patricia "put an end to their fun." Then, the tribe turned things around and put an end to Patricia's fun, as they voted off both Patricia herself, and her annoying nickname. Fourteen remain.

It's now Night 6 at Maraamu, and the tribe uses a giant fork to cook something that looks like palm fronds. In night-vision shots, they stare at each other. Vecepia tells us in a confessional that returning to camp from Tribal Council with only six remaining members was definitely "a check-up from the neck up." She says they knew they couldn't come back and act as though nothing had happened. She asks how the others are feeling, and suddenly Sarah's off and whining that this morning when she woke up and everyone was gone, she knew immediately that they were off somewhere talking about the fact that she wasn't working. She is angry because "no one even bothered to wake [her] up," and insists that if they need her to do something, "dammit, get [her] up!" Hunter, who really is more of a Gatherer than a Hunter, liking peace and sociability as much as he does, tells Sarah that she's being paranoid; he thinks she shouldn't so sensitive. Sarah flails her hands around and snits, "Apparently, I have to be." And then repeats the phrase because it sounds good. Rob looks on from a few feet away with his arms crossed and a serious expression on his face; he's trying to decide whether it's time to call in Uncle Boomer and his knee-cap-smashing hammer yet. Gina cuts into the argument and explains that she was wavering between voting for two people until Sarah's announcement in the last Tribal Council about saving energy for herself by failing to work at the camp. Sarah argues that she meant she'd been saving her energy for the "chal-leng-es" as if Gina's having difficulties understanding that particular word. Vecepia shakes her head and moans that they need to stop letting it sit on their shoulders. She thinks, "That's just too much drama in this place." And also that they don't need no hateration or holleratin', and that they shouldn't be percolatin', while they're waiting, and they don't need no haters and should just try to love one another, and finally that they should all just dance for her. Or something like that, anyway.

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