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People Say Believe Half of What You See
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Previously on Revolution: Ben Matheson got murdered and his son, Danny, kidnapped by the Monroe Militia. Charlie and her uncle, Miles, went searching for Danny, who's being held by General Sebastian Monroe. Charlie and Miles added Nora, a rebel fighter, to their intrepid crew. Aaron and Maggie have the silver MacGuffin that Grace can use to turn on the power. But Grace is probably in trouble.

As they walk, Nora and Miles are still arguing about her plan to give the sniper rifle to the rebels, and also, subtextually, about their relationship, which is giving Charlie a case of the squicks.

Eight weeks after the blackout, at Parris Island: Monroe and Miles are discussing Miles's plan to go AWOL, walk to Chicago, and find Ben and his family. Monroe says he wants to come with Miles, but Miles refuses his help: "My family, my problem." Monroe says, "You're my family, and that makes it my problem. I'm not asking you." Aw. Bro love.

Nora, Miles, and Charlie arrive at the rebel base, which is an abandoned Hannigan's restaurant. The base's scouts are about to shoot Nora when someone named Nicholas recognizes her and calls them off. He hugs her for quite a long time, until Miles interrupts their tender reunion. He introduces himself as Stu and Charlie as Frannie. Inside the base, everyone is wounded and festering. I bet it smells lovely. There's also an American flag hanging on the wall, which probably isn't very smart, from what we've learned about how having one can get you shot on sight. A woman calls Charlie over to help her with an injured man, who Charlie sees is actually a boy, and he's dying. It's not helping that her long, luxurious hair is getting all over his wound.

Nicholas tells Miles they were trying to buy some guns, but were ambushed by militia. Twelve are dead, with one missing. Miles asks if the missing man was captured, and if he might be giving up their position to the militia. Nora tells Nicholas they need to pack everyone up and go, but he says the wounded can't travel. Charlie interrupts to tell them the boy is dead, and Miles says, "This is what being a rebel gets you."

The missing man, it turns out, has been captured, and a militia leader is playing Russian roulette with him to get him to talk. The captured guy looks like a grubby Adrien Brody, at the beginning of one of his Gillette commercials. The militia leader starts monologuing about how hard it is to find bullets, then asks the man again where the rebel camp is, putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger. Nothing happens, again and again, but the man keeps weeping until he finally spills. The militia leader tells his men to move out and leave no survivors. And then he shoots the prisoner in the head.

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