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Friendly Fire

They find the room and can hear loud techno music coming from behind the door. When they enter, it sounds like a Prodigy concert, with the music blaring and images being projected on the walls, a lot of random images, like coins and flowers and keyboards, and slogans: "Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit," "Everything changes," "We are the causes of our own suffering." Meanwhile, Carl's sitting in front of the projection, being forced to watch, something like in A Clockwork Orange, only wearing glasses that seem to have super-magnifying lenses, encircled by lights. He's also hooked up to an IV. Alex moves to free him, and Kate helps as well, but Sawyer's completely entranced by the show, at least until Kate's shrill yelping snaps him out of it. They pull Carl, who's completely out of it, out of the getup, and Sawyer slings Carl over his shoulder and they head out the door. "Is he okay?" asks Alex, but Sawyer's not interested. "Look, we got your boyfriend back. Now, where's your damn boat?"

With the four of them presumably long gone (after the commercial break), Danny arrives to slap Aldo awake and call him an idiot. Aldo says he doesn't know where they are, but Alex is with them. Juliet comes running up to tell Danny that they're letting the Lostaways go, which means Danny can let his anger-control issues go just a little bit, and he freaks out. Juliet explains about Ben giving the order (having woken up from surgery), but Danny's not buying it at all: "I know Ben would rather die than let them go," he snaps, and draws his gun and scurries off, Juliet watching him. He might have a point; we never heard ourselves what Ben said to Juliet, but I'm leaning towards the likelihood that that's so what she tells Jack at the end of this episode will be a surprise.

Flashback to Juliet entering an amazing apartment, windows on all sides. Her sister's there, and she asks how the interview went. "It's not for me," says Juliet, making up excuses about how they're too far away, given that it's in Portland, after all, like it's called MOVING, Juliet, you wouldn't be COMMUTING. Rachael immediately thinks Juliet said no because of her, but Juliet tells her that isn't the case: "Why would I want to go all the way to Portland for research that doesn't even work?" And Rachael starts smiling. "Because it does work," she says. "I'm pregnant. I'm pr -- I'm pregnant." She's shining and stammering, and shows a shocked Juliet a pregnancy test stick -- good 'ol Widmore labs! She says she took a blood test too, because she didn't want to tell Juliet until she was sure. "It worked," says Juliet, still stunned, but she hugs her sister and smiles and now they're both crying, which means Rachael gets really hard to understand as she starts blubbering about how all she ever wanted was to have a baby, and now because of Juliet she can, and now she has to get healthy, so she "can see the bugger get into an Ivy League school," but NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHING, ZYGOTE. Juliet tells Rachael she's going to get healthy, and Rachael's got something else on her mind: "Now you can tell that bastard ex-husband of yours what he can do with his ethics." I'm not clear on how the fact the research is successful means Juliet's less under Ed's thumb now, because wasn't the point that he was going to be able to take credit for her "genius" work? Is it because it was earlier that day that she talked to Ed, and he hasn't actually done anything yet? Well, it'll all soon be moot.

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