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Friendly Fire

In the OR, Zeke wants to know what Juliet thinks they should do. Juliet calmly tells him to go get Danny, as well as "Austen" and "Ford," and bring them back. "You do that and Ben dies!" yells Jack, who you think would be getting used to his crappy plans failing by now. Juliet calls Jack's bluff, saying he wouldn't let Ben die. Juliet repeats the instructions to the other scrub-wearing Other, who -- wasn't he knocked out? -- seems a little unsure. "If you have to, kill them," says Juliet, flicking her eyes over to Jack for a moment. Define "have to," please? Like if Sawyer uses too many nicknames, is that grounds for a bullet to the head? ["Yes." -- Joe R]

Back in the flashback, Juliet, her hair still long and blond but a lot curlier than on the island, strolls up, at night, to a "Bio-Research Building" at what looks like some university. She furtively looks around. The sign urgently warns us that this building is Security Level 5. It's so secure that all Juliet has to do is wave a plastic card in front of a scanner and she's in. Awesome. What's Security Level 1, the honor system?

As she strolls down the hallway, her cellphone rings, and she answers, speaking quietly to a woman who asks for "Dr. Burke" and is confirming her appointment with a "Dr. Albert" from Mittelos Bio-Sciences at two o'clock the next afternoon.

Juliet enters one of the labs and walks over to a medical fridge, where she grabs more of the vials she injected her sister with. Just then, someone enters, flicking on a light, and she ducks down behind a counter.

It's some weaselly little guy, played by the admittedly awesome Zejlko Ivanek, who's been on -- you know what? It would actually probably take less time to list the TWoP shows he hasn't been on. ["Governor Devlin!" -- Joe R] Anyway, he's with a woman who's rather out of his league, but they're going to start making out in the romantic laboratory of a bio-research building.

Juliet's cell phone rings again, which is why you should set your cell phone to vibrate when you're sneaking into a high-security location like this. It's loud enough to attract the attention of Zejlko and his date (fortunately, Juliet's ring is a standard cell phone ring and not something like Gnarls Barkley), and he strolls down the lab to where Juliet has frantically shut off the phone. "Hello, Juliet," he says, nonplussed, and she actually tries to play this casual, saying that she screwed up some numbers on the day's lab work. He's not buying it, but doesn't have time to press further, because the woman in the black floral-printed dress says "Edmund?" and Zejlko gets all "where are my manners" and introduces Juliet to "Sherry," and Sherry to his "ex-wife," as though there are certain rules of etiquette for when you're interrupted from rutting with a chippie by your ex-wife skulking around a bio-research lab. Then he pastes a smile on and says Juliet was just leaving. Which she does. "Jules?" he calls after her. "Will you please turn off the lights?" He's awesomely gross. Instead of pointing out that he was the one who turned them on, Juliet just shuts them off. Maybe she's hoping that in the dark they'll sit on some deadly virus.

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