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Friendly Fire

Back on Alcatraz, Juliet lectures Jack about how he hasn't thought his plan through. Yeah, Juliet, you're new here, aren't you? "Your friends aren't going to make it back to your side of the island because we're not on that island," she says, and explains about Alcatraz, what with it being two miles offshore. Jack's stunned. "'Fraid so," smirks Zeke. Here we go again with this. Juliet, OBVIOUSLY THERE'S A WAY ACROSS. Instead of demanding that Kate and Sawyer be given a boat or whatever it is the Others use to cross, Jack sneers at Juliet's request for a "peaceful resolution" to this, and tattles on her asking him to kill Ben. "That's ridiculous," she says, for Zeke's benefit, who looks a little skeptical. Jack and Juliet yell over each other for a while, and Zeke kicks her out of the operating room. Not because he necessarily believes Jack, but because if, as Juliet says, she can't fix Ben, then she doesn't need to be in there. "Go, Julie," he says. Julie goes. "Don't let him fool you," she says. "He'll never let a patient just die." She wheels on Zeke, and Saint Jack and stomps out of the OR.

Back in the bear cage, Danny has recovered and is yelling his head off to be rescued, and when some anonymous Other comes running up, Danny can't even be bothered to explain what happened, just screams for the poor guy to open the damn cage. This is one of the many reasons why no one ever wants to be Danny's partner in the Others' summer picnic three-legged race.

Kate and Sawyer arrive at the beach, and Kate seems absolutely stunned to see that they're on another island, despite Sawyer having already told her this. "We need a boat," she no-duhs, and starts walking purposefully along the beach, while Sawyer sarcastically says, "Yeah, couple towels and a buffet lunch," whatever that's supposed to mean. Kate says there has to be something around, or how else would they get back and forth? It's amazing how when someone is the first to grasp the obvious, it seems like genius. Sawyer, instead of realizing that Kate's right, sneers that they should ask for directions. Oh, Sawyer. Help Kate or shut up. Don't squander the goodwill you've earned by acting selflessly (if sometimes stupidly) during the first six episodes this year. Kate gets back on the walkie-talkie and yells for Jack. Then she asks if Jack's okay, and Sawyer rolls his eyes. "Tell him I said hi. Get to the point!" Hee. Okay, Sawyer. I like you again. Kate tells Jack that they need a way to get off the island, so Jack yells at Zeke to tell them how to get off the island, but Zeke just defiantly folds his arms.

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