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Friendly Fire

Juliet's in the lab, working at a computer. Sherry strolls up, wearing a lab coat, not even like the skanky tight cleavage-revealing Halloween version of a sexy scientist, and says Edmund wants to see Juliet in his office. "Do you work here?" says Juliet, confused, and Sherry says she's the new research assistant. "Of course you are," says Juliet. Be nice, Juliet. Someone has to study the effect of hot beef injections on career trajectory.

In her ex-husband's office, Edmund's doing that dick thing that supervisors do where they ignore you and look over papers while you stand there waiting like an idiot.

Eventually, he says, "I want in." "In on what?" asks Juliet, who plays dumb while Edmund says he knows what she's doing: "I read your notes. I know what you took from the lab. The only thing I don't know is who's your guinea pig." Juliet tries to tell him that she's been doing her research in her own lab, on her own time, but he interrupts her: "It's your sister, isn't it?" Well, he figured it out quick, I guess.

She doesn't answer. Ed gets up and walks around to sit on the front of his desk, which makes it easier for him to lean in all conspiratorially and tell her that there are two ways this can play out: "One is your research is potentially genius. And the other -- it raises some very serious ethical questions." I'm assuming Juliet doesn't want to lose her job there, which is why she doesn't suggest asking the new "research assistant" what she thinks about ethical dilemmas. She does have a slight smirk on her face, though. What Ed wants, naturally, is to collaborate with her, because with his reputation, this will be viewed as "cutting-edge science." Sounds iffy to me, but Ed's looking forward to, in this order: winning prizes and drinking champagne. Oh, and doing a lot of good for people, he adds. Juliet's wry smile has been replaced by despair -- she thinks she's trapped. And as we'll learn later, she's not doing this for money or recognition. Ed says he'll give her some time to think about it, which means give her some time to realize she doesn't have much choice.

Back on Alcatraz, Juliet's pacing around outside, and Zeke strolls up and tells her Ben's awake. "How?" she asks. Tom shrugs: "Shephard says he's a spinal surgeon, not an anesthesiologist." That's Jack's excuse for everything! Zeke tells Juliet that Ben's asking for her.

Kate, Sawyer, and Alex crawl out of their hidey-hole, and Sawyer says, "This a hobby of yours, Underdog? Digging holes?" I can easily imagine that the whole time they were down there, Sawyer did not shut up with the snide comments. Alex's comeback: "Yep. That and basket weaving. Want one?" and I have no idea what that's even supposed to mean. Sawyer asks if she's got a tunnel to the mainland. "No, but I've got a boat," she says. Don't expect Sawyer to be any nicer to you just because he wants that, Alex. Kate asks if they can use it. "Yeah, but we've got to hurry," says Alex, in case Kate and Sawyer have no idea how urgent their situation is. Sawyer's not buying it, though. "You just happen to find us in the woods. You just happen to have a boat and you're getting to let us use it, huh?" Alex says there's something they need to do first. "Oh, gee," says Sawyer, who obviously really hates it when people don't act strictly out of selflessness. "My boyfriend is being held prisoner. If you help me rescue him, I promise you I'll get you back to the other island." Sawyer's already a step ahead, though: "Your boyfriend -- his name happen to be Carl?" Alex is surprised that he's right. Sawyer tells them to come on, probably figuring that rescuing Carl will also make him look really good to Kate.

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