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Sash Goes Both Ways
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Hey! They gave the other Kelly a mention in the previously on segment! And then talked about how screwed Sash is now that she and NaOnka quit, even though I really don't think he is. He just went from the biggest target with Brenda being voted out and everyone knowing he has an idol to the crucial swing vote both alliances have to win over. So I think he's sitting kinda pretty right now.

The Final Seven return to camp. It's raining, and Holly's pissed that they had to go to Tribal because of the quitters, only for it to start raining and them to get drenched instead of being in their semi-waterproof shelter. Yeah, that does kind of suck. Meanwhile, the sole remaining chicken appears to have quit the game of laying eggs, so they decide to name her Kelly-Nay. As for Sash, he says that winning this game is going to be only slightly more difficult than he thought.

Hey! You too can win the Be On Survivor contest sponsored by Sears! Just look at how well their past winner, Jimmy T., did!

The next day, Sash calls the menfolk (except Dan) together to inform them that he's going to play his idol at the next Tribal no matter what just to get the target off his back and hopefully get into an alliance. Which means, essentially, that his vote is up for grabs. So, do with that what you will, he tells them. This seems smart on Sash's part, but he's telling this stuff to Chase, Jud, and Ben, who are either stupid, not interested in playing this game right now, or both stupid and a douchebag, respectively, so I don't think it's going to do much for Sash. Chase talks to Sash alone and says they should both go with "the women." Sash says if they do that, then it should be a Final Three of Holly, Chase, and Sash, as Jane will surely beat them. Chase nods. Sash asks if Chase will still take him to the end if Jane manages to immunity her way into the finals, and Chase says absolutely. In fact, Chase says, Sash and Holly are due to be taken on some "sick rewards," as Chase seems confident he's going to win them and get to choose who to take with him. They agree that Holly should be first in line, since she gave up her reward last week, and then Sash is next. They shake hands on this, so you know it's not going to happen like that. It never, ever does. I don't know why people promise reward trips in this game. They never seem to be able to follow through on it, and it always leads to trouble.

Suddenly, it's the next day and time for a reward challenge. This time, it's a previous challenge medley obstacle course. First, contestants must crawl through the mud to a pile of hay and look for a ball they must bounce off a shield and into a barrel. The first four to do this move on to the next round, where they use a stick to maneuver a key ring through a metal coil, get the key, and unlock a chest with four sandbags inside. They must then throw the sandbags onto yet another barrel. The first two to do this go to the final round, where they dig in the sand to find three rope rings and then toss those rings onto a peg board. The first to do that wins the overnight luxury stay, with food, showers, and beds.

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