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Inside the Gilded Gym sits Jimmy with a blindfold on. More kinks! This show is so risqué. Dr. M., A.G., Baldy, and other assorted lackeys we've never seen before surround him in a manner that should be imposing, but, in fact, just looks odd. Jimmy is stating his name for the record: "Jimmy. Jimmy Ferguson. James. James Dewitt Ferguson. I'm on a mission." From God? No. Anyway, Jimmy doesn't have a job, except when he sweeps up at the Dixie for free comics, and it takes about five minutes for the people to realize that Jimmy is mentally disabled. Dr. M. takes the blindfold off, and Jimmy sees A.G. and starts squealing like a teenage girl at a Backstreet Boys concert. Dr. M. asks, "You know him? What makes him so special?" Jimmy is ecstatic as he says, "I've been waiting to meet you my whole life...I saw him catch those bad guys! I was fighting Dr. Diablo and I saw you flip over their car!" A.G. smiles modestly and Dr. M. asks, "Are you sure?" Jimmy gets even more excited and asks A.G., "do you have a name?" A.G. says it's Michael. "No, a superhero name!" Dr. M. excuses himself and takes A.G. aside.

Dr. M. would like to take Jimmy home in a limo. "I think it's safe to say he poses no threat to us, this project, or to national security." A.G., as dim as ever, asks, "What do you think's wrong with him?" Um, he's SLIGHTLY RETARDED, just LIKE YOU. Dr. M. gets all know-it-all-y and says, "He may have a cognitive dysfunction...mental illness. Do you see how he blurs events together? It could be schizophrenia. Perhaps some dementia." Perhaps? What are you, blind? They show Jimmy talking with the lackeys and demonstrating a little fake flying for them as Dr. M. says, "Look at him. He sees movies no one can get into. He hears music no one has written yet." Wow, that's such a poetic way of describing mental illness. Maybe you should stitch that on a pillow! Does he look at paintings no one's gotten around to painting yet, too? How about tasting gourmet meals for which the ingredients haven't finished growing? How about just SEES THINGS THAT AREN'T THERE, you morons!

A.G. and Dr. M. come back out to talk with Jimmy. Dr. M. says that A.G. is not a superhero. Jimmy looks a little bummed as he repeats, "Not a superhero?" Dr. M. spins some yarn about himself being a scientist (well, that's true) and A.G. being in insurance (well, that WAS true), and that they were doing some auto-safety testing. A.G. jumps in, "Cupholder drink worthiness. Believe me, with the hydraulics at work, and the way we tricked that thing out, you could have flipped that car." Oh, SHUT UP, A.G. Dr. M. seals the deal by saying Mr. Newman is not a superhero, because there are no superheroes. "They aren't real." Jimmy looks sad.

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